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Session Title Author Coauthors Country
1 01.01 Experimental Study on the Sound Insulation Performance of Periodic Parallel Helmholtz Structure Gai Xiaoling Li Xianhui, Xing Tuo, Cai Zenong, Wang Fang, Zhang Bin China
2 01.01 Experimental Investigation of Nonwoven-based Sound Insulation Tube-like Structure Wang Fang Li Xianhui, Gai Xiaoling, Cai Zenong, Tuo Xing China
3 01.01 Sound absorption of external intubation Helmholtz resonance structure Xing Tuo Li Xianhui, Gai Xiaoling, Wang Fang, Cai Zenong, Guan Xiwen China
4 01.01 Experimental and numerical modelling of Helmholtz Resonator with angled neck aperture Ramos Denilson Godinho Luís, Amado-Mendes Paulo, Mareze Paulo Brazil
5 01.01 Acoustic absorption of granular silica aerogels Sharma Bhisham Khaleel Ola, Dasyam Amrutha United States
6 01.01 Computational Studies on Noise Emissions from a Two-bladed Propeller Soundararajan R Jothi TJS India
7 01.01 Innovative Electrospun Polyvinylpyrrolidone Based Materials For Soundproofing Passaro Jessica Bifulco Aurelio, Marulo Francesco, Costantini Aniello, Branda Francesco Italy
8 01.01 Experimental investigation on performance of composite acoustic bricks using recycled PCB powder India
9 01.01 A Time-domain Finite Volume Method approach for the Simulation of Sound Propagation in Porous Medium. ZHANG RUI Ming Ping Jian, Zhang Wen Ping, Zhao Xiao Chen China
10 01.01 Broadband duct noise control by smart plate with piezoelectric elements Liu Xiang Wang Chunqi, Huang Lixi Hong Kong (China)
11 01.01 Applications of Lightweight Thermoplastic Sound Absorptive Panels Yan Xin Herrin David United States
12 01.02 Acoustic properties of Dash Insulation Pad with light-weight heavy layer filled with TEMs YU MINJI KIM SANGMIN, PARK JANGSEOK Korea, South
13 01.02 Scattering of acoustic waves in air and water filled 3D stereo-lithographical (STL) porous rigid materials Aygun Haydar United Kingdom
14 01.02 Optimization of sound absorption coefficient of polyurethane foam by graphene oxide impregnation: simulation-based prediction & experimental verification Jung Inhwa Kim Jaehyung, Shin Yujin, Jeon Juhyun, Kang Yeon June Korea, South
15 01.02 Criteria for the selection of porous cores for thermoacoustic applications Di Giulio Elio Auriemma Fabio , Napolitano Marialuisa, Dragonetti Raffaele Italy
16 01.02 Acoustic properties of porous concrete - Experiments and modelling de Sousa Laura Portugal
17 01.02 Methodology for microstructure based fluid-acoustic property estimation of porous material Yang Sung Soo Kang Yeon June, Lee Hyeong Rae, Kim Seong Je, Lee Jung Wook Korea, South
18 01.02 Sound absorption of double porosity material backed with air cavity Liu Xuewei Xin Fengxian China
19 01.03 Enhancing muffler transmission loss using periodicity Almeida Vitor Arruda José Brazil
20 01.03 Metasurface using multiple perforated panels in a coiled arrangement Choy Tracy, Yat Sze Wang Zhibo, Yang Weiping Hong Kong (China)
21 01.03 An active acoustic metamaterial based on the principle of local resonance Yang Yunong Wang Qing China
22 01.03 The Development of metaporous based on non-woven materials Prasetiyo Iwan Brahmana Ferio, Anwar Khoerul, Gunawan Indonesia
23 01.03 Full scale metamaterial window for building application Fusaro Gioia Kang Jian , Cui Fangsen, Yu Xiang United Kingdom
24 01.03 Highly anisotropic pentamode materials for low frequency water sound insulation Zhao Binghao Zheng Mingye, Hu Gengkai China
25 01.03 Side-branch resonator based acoustic metasurface for achromatic reflections at multiple frequencies Oh Yubin Lee Joong Seok Korea, South
26 01.03 Study on the performance of sound insulation structure embedded with narrow silencer unit Kang Zhongxu Zhang Huijuan, Liu Qiang, Song Ruixiang China
27 01.03 Experimental Study of Acoustic Metamaterial Duct Silencer Carrying Low Speed Flows Lam Ka-hei Leung Randolph, Lam Garret, Ng Leo Hong Kong (China)
28 01.03 Acoustic Meta-lens: Computational Simulation and Underwater Experiments by a Three-dimensional Flat Acoustic Luneburg Lens Kim Sang-Hoon Hwang Gunn, Kim Jung-Woo , Lee Seong-Jin Korea, South
29 01.03 Noise Improvement of Air Conditioning Accumulator Using Acoustic Metamaterials KIM MINKYU Park Sunhwa, Shin Mijeong, Jeong Youngsu Korea, South
30 01.03 A study on interconnection-based metastructure for structural vibration suppression Kim Hyun-Guk Jeon Onyu, Wang Semyung Korea, South
31 01.03 Curved metasurface for perfect absorption of sound Kim Jiwan Jeon Wonju Korea, South
32 01.03 Acoustic performance investigation of Phononic Crystals pipeline with fully Considering frictional coupling interaction Wang Donghui Zeng Qingna China
33 01.03 Acoustic metasurface for broadband sound absorption via multiple hybrid resonances Ryoo Hyeonbin Jeon Wonju Korea, South
34 01.03 Acoustic metalens with broadband high transmission under consideration of visco-thermal losses and elastic deformation Kim Chankyu Jeon Wonju Korea, South
35 01.03 Perfect sound-absorbing metasurface using Helmholtz resonators with non-uniformly partitioned cavities by membranes Choi Eunji Jeon Wonju Korea, South
36 01.03 A detailed review study on acoustic Meta-materials CHINTAPALLI V S N V Simhachalam Naidu, K Meera Saheb India
37 01.03 Analysis of the Band gap using Serpentine spring Yu Junmin Jung Jaesoon, Wang Semyung Korea, South
38 01.03 Characterization of the acoustic properties of complex shape metamaterials KONE Tenon Charly Ghinet Sebastian , Dupont Thomas , Panneton Raymond , Anant Grewal , Viresh Wickramasinghe Canada
39 01.03 Elastic Wave Modulation of Acoustic Black Hole Beam Embedded Mass Oscillator Guo Xinyu Gao Nansha, Hou Hong China
40 01.03 Analysis of phononic crystals with uncertainty in the parameters using extended plane wave expansion Machado Marcela Pedrosa Miranda Junior Edson Jansen , Campos dos Santos José Maria Brazil
41 01.03 Design of frequency bandgaps in 3D woodpile metamaterials Kim Eunho Jang Yeongtae Korea, South
42 01.03 Effect of steady and unsteady flows on the bandgap characteristics of phononic crystal Oh Tae Seok Jeon Wonju Korea, South
43 01.03 Investigation on the sound insulation properties of perforated plates with membrane cell and mass blocks 杨 玉琦 Wang Hongwei, Yu Xiu China
44 01.03 Experimental validation of acoustic metamaterials noise attenuation performance for aircraft cabin applications Canada
45 01.03 Metamodeling and optimisation of a sonic crystal-based noise attenuation device Stoica Luana Georgiana Di Marco Alessandro, Gori Paola Italy
46 01.03 Acoustic impedance of a folded rectangular cross shape cavity Sharafkhani Naser Qiu Xiaojun, Wei Dongbin Australia
47 01.04 Sound Transmission of Mufflers Lined with Micro-perforated Panel Absorbers with Parallel-arranged Cavities of Different Depths Lou Huading Min Hequn China
48 01.04 Three-dimensional MPP space absorbers: An overview of the project and recent development Kusaka Midori Sakagami Kimihiro, Okuzono Takeshi , Kido Shigeyuki , Yamaguchi Daichi Japan
49 01.04 Application of micro perforated panel in automotive vehicle noise refinement T Judson Rajkumar P Prasad, Medisetti Jaganmohan Rao India
50 01.04 Experimental parametric study of double-layer micro-perforated panels for ventilation systems Lavrentjev Jüri Villau Margus, Auriemma Fabio, Rämmal Hans Estonia
51 01.04 A New Fabrication Method of Micro-perforated Membrane By Pin-roller wang yueyue Li Xianhui, Zhao Junjuan , Zhu Liying China
52 01.04 Study on the Applicability of Prediction Models of the Micro-Expanded Metal Mesh (MEMM) Absorber Yeh Chiu-Yu Tsay Yaw-Shyan, Tseng Pin-Chieh, Lin Chuan-Hsuan Taiwan
53 01.04 Effect of axially segmented liner distribution on sound attenuation in a flow duct Zhang Penglin Huang Yu, Yang Cheng China
54 01.04 A composite sound-absorbing structure with low-frequency, broadband, and incident direction-insensitive characteristics Yang Mingyue Xu Beibei, Zhu Jinyan, Ma Deshu, Zhu Xiaojian, Wang Xiaole China
55 01.04 Micro-capillary plate absorbers for broadband dissipation in the low frequency range Bravo Teresa Maury Cedric, Spain
56 01.05 Transmission loss of Coupled Membrane-Helmholtz Resonator for acoustic attenuator in a duct Anwar Khoerul Prasetiyo Iwan Indonesia
57 01.05 Diffuse sound absorption of finite absorbing panels Li Xianhui China
58 01.05 Investigation of the Sound Absorption of Folded Curtain Zenong Cai Li Xianhui, Gai Xiaoling, Xing Tuo, Wang Fang, Guan Xiwen China
59 01.05 Underwater sound absorption performance of functionally graded anechoic coating with periodic resonators Shi Kangkang Jin Guoyong, Ye Tiangui China
60 01.05 Random incidence sound absorption of a shunt loudspeaker array Zhang Pengju Cong Chaonan, Tao Jiancheng, Qiu Xiaojun China
61 01.05 An innovative, cost efficient, flame resistant, nonwoven noise control material Turkdogru Gurun Nurkan Ren Liyun , Zillig Daniel, Vance Fredrick, Newman Katya, Luo Zhiming United States
62 01.05 Numerical Investigation on the Impedance of a Slit-resonator with Grazing Flow Chen Chao Li Xiaodong China
63 01.05 The energy thresholds of nonlinear sound absorbers Yang Min li Xianhui, Xing Tuo China
64 01.05 Comparative Study on Sound Absorption Coefficient of Various Jute Composite Materials CHINTAPALLI V S N B SOMI NAIDU, Pitchaimani Jeyaraj India
65 01.05 Influence of depth variation on ultra-thin diffusers Lizaso Georgina Casais Dassie Nicolás, Landini Lucas, Petrosino Jorge Argentina
66 01.05 Sound insulation characteristics of a layered structure using perforated honeycomb panel KONG KYUNGSOO Inoue Naohisa, Sakuma Tetsuya Korea, South
67 01.05 Ceiling interference to improve acoustic quality in an evangelical temple: Case study de Oliveira Jôssandra Gondim da Rosa Oiticica Maria Lúcia Brazil
68 01.05 Acoustic design of ordinary rooms using absorbers and diffusers Arvidsson Emma Bard Hagberg Delphine , Nilsson Erling, Karlsson Ola Sweden
69 01.05 Experiment and estimation of the sound absorption coefficient of a pin holder structure Sato Takamasa Sakamoto Shuichi, Nitta Isami, Akamine Kota, Unai Shunsuke, Isobe Takunari, Iizuka Kenta Japan
70 01.05 Geometric shape effects of cavity and neck on acoustic absorption performance of Helmholtz resonator with extended neck JIANG ZIYAN GUO Jingwen, FANG Yi, LIU Qian, ZHANG Xin Hong Kong (China)
71 01.05 Egg cartons used as sound absorbing systems Iannace Gino Berardi Umberto, Ciaburro Giuseppe, Trematerra Amelia Italy
72 01.05 Acoustic characterization of culmo fibers from Zea Mays (corn) for sound absortion. Ruiz José Álvarez Yesika Colombia
73 01.06 Dynamic mechanical analysis of FFF printed parts in ABSplus Bopp Manuel Behrendt Matthias Germany
74 01.06 Experimental visualization of sound of a 3D printed labyrinthine type metamaterial Szczepański Grzegorz Morzyński Leszek, Świdziński Adam Poland
75 01.07 Design of a new Sound Field Analysis Recorder (SOFAR) for isotropy quantification in reverberation chambers United States
76 01.07 Bayesian microphone position estimation for the transfer function tube method of acoustic impedance measurements Peskens Mallory Fackler Cameron , Xiang Ning United States
77 01.07 A discussion on the mechanism of sound absorption measurement method based on the ensemble averaging technique Otsuru Toru Tomoiku Reiji, Okamoto Noriko, Lawanwadeekul Siwat, Sakamoto Noriaki Japan
78 01.07 Influence of edge diffraction on the in situ measurement of impedance using microphone arrays Brandão Eric Fernandez-Grande Efren Brazil
79 01.07 On absorption coefficient measurements in a small reverberation room Lavrentjev Jüri Estonia
80 01.07 Research on the measurement method of sound absorption coefficient based on three-dimensional sound intensity method by using six-microphones Yu Xiu Yang Yuqi China
81 01.07 Research on the measurement method of sound absorption coefficient based on three-dimensional sound intensity method by using six-microphones Yu Xiu Yang Yuqi China
82 01.07 A method for measuring the angle-dependent absorption coefficient and surface impedance in situ Nolan Mélanie Nilsson Erling Denmark
83 02.01 An experimental study on the feasibility of applying active ventilation windows to reduce traffic noise Wang Shuping Qiu Xiaojun, Liu Jacob Chia-chun Australia
84 02.01 Development and Application of Dual Form Conic Formulation of Multichannel Active Noise Control Filter Design Problem in Frequency Domain Zhuang Yongjie Liu Yangfan United States
85 02.01 Robust active control of snoring noise Tang Yu Zhang Hongwei China
86 02.01 Experimental Verification of CPU-GPU Architecture for ANC Algorithms Kim Yeongseok Youngjin Korea, South
87 02.01 Evaluation of Real-Time Development Platforms for the Implementation of Multi-channel ANC System Belyi Valiantsin Gan Woon-Seng Singapore
88 02.01 A Study on Subband ANC System Considering Masking for Reducing Speech Signal MAKIYAMA Yusuke KAJIKAWA Yoshinobu Japan
89 02.01 Horizontal vibration response control of non-structure elements using gyro-stabilizer Yoon Soung Cheol Park Sangkyu Korea, South
90 02.01 Full-scale experiments on the active noise control in high-speed train carriage Zou Haishan Zhou Chaohui , Xue Jinpei, Wang Jun , Jia Shangshuai , Han Tieli China
91 02.01 Global active noise control for enclosed space with acoustic power minimization Jeong Ikchae Park Youngjin Korea, South
92 02.01 Long range fire detection using a parabolic sound reflecting plate based on sound field variation Kim Seung-Ju Park Kang-Ho Korea, South
93 02.01 Experimental study on non-contact active vibration control of elastic shaft possessing initial deformation by using a magnetic bearing Watanabe Toru Nemoto Mitsutaka Japan
94 02.01 Validation and performance analysis of a parameterizable normalized feedback FxLMS architecture for FPGA platforms Timmermann Johannes Klemd Alexander, Hanselka Jonas, Sachau Delf, Klauer Bernd Germany
95 02.01 Sound leakage investigation of ANC headphones using particle velocity sensors Meng Fanyu Yu Anbo , Fernandez Dani Netherlands
96 02.01 Transfer function variation of the secondary path of a compact ANC system in an open duct Chen Baicun Tao Jiancheng, Qiu Xiaojun China
97 02.01 Current-saving sampling framework for the embedded implementation of positive position feedback Takács Gergely Mikuláš Erik, Vríčan Martin, Gulan Martin Slovakia
98 02.01 3-D Analysis Platform Design And Development Of Ship Shafting yunfei Hu Guan Wang, Lingkuan Xuan, Xingjun Yuan China
99 02.01 Rendering high-fidelity vibrotactile feedback on a plate via optimization of actuator driving signals Park Sangwon Kim Dongjoon, Kim Wheejae, Park No-Cheol Korea, South
100 02.01 Active Noise Control based on the Momentum Multichannel Normalized Filtered-x Least Mean Square Algorithm SHI Dongyuan Gan Woon-Seng , Lam Bhan, Wen Shulin , Shen Xiaoyi Sierra Leone
101 02.01 Analysis and development of an active noise control system for the cancellation of noise produced by the reactors of electric stations Bartalucci Chiara Borchi Francesco, Carfagni Monica, Paolucci Libero Italy
102 02.01 Active damping of room eigenmodes Kanev Nikolay Russian Federation
103 02.01 An active noise cancelling headrest using a parametric array loudspeaker Zhong Jiaxin Xiao Tong, Halkon Benjamin, Kirby Ray, Qiu Xiaojun Australia
104 02.01 Research on the cancellation of background reflected sound field based on parametric array loudspeaker Yang Baoshan Ma Zhongcheng, Duan Lijing, Lv Lianghao, An Tiansi China
105 02.01 Convergence behavior analysis of FxLMS algorithm with different leaky term Wen Shulin Gan Woon-Seng, Shi Dongyuan Singapore
106 02.01 Improving robustness against head movement for an active headrest with virtual sensing Chen Hongyu Zou Haishan, Tao Jiancheng China
107 02.01 Active headrest of an electric vehicle combined with the FxLMS algorithm and the remote microphone technique Zhang Zeqiang Wu Ming, Han Rong, Gong Chen, Yang Jun China
108 02.01 Spatial Reconstruction of sound fields in a complex-shaped room at low frequencies and its application in Active Modal Equalization Pham Vu Thach Lissek Hervé Switzerland
109 02.01 Uniform active noise control based on Nelder–Mead algorithm Chi Kexun Wu Ming, Fang Xin, Gong Chen, Han Rong, Yang Jun China
110 02.03 Perceptual Filter Optimization for Active Acoustic Equalization Fabry Johannes Jax Peter Germany
111 02.03 Optimization of multichannel feedback filters in an active noise control headrest Zhou Chaohui Zou Haishan, Qiu Xiaojun, Lu Jing China
112 02.03 Experimental Simulation of Adaptive Noise Control System Using Window-Speaker for Boat Noise Fukatsu Haruki Muto Kenji Japan
113 02.03 An Investigation into the Effect of Uncertainty on Active Acoustic Cloaking House Charlie Cheer Jordan, Daley Steve United Kingdom
114 02.03 Feedback active noise control system combined with simplified period aware linear prediction method and modified-error method for reducing MR-noise Yoshioka Marori Aoki Soshi, Iwai Kenta, Nishiura Takanobu Japan
115 02.03 Remote error sensing for local active control using limited in-situ primary sound field measurement Zhu Qiaoxi Qiu Xiaojun, Coleman Philip, Burnett Ian Australia
116 02.03 A time-domain delay-free rescaling block filtered-x LMS algorithm with output constraint for sinusoidal reference signals Luo Lei Zhu Wenzhao China
117 02.03 Feedforward Active Noise Control for Headphones with Analog Filter Hsu Wei Kuo Sen M., Chang Cheng-Yuan Taiwan
118 02.03 Reference signal purification via blind source separation for multi-channel virtual sound barrier system Xue Jinpei Lu Jing China
119 02.03 Analysis of Model Based Virtual Sensing Techniques for Active Noise Control Plewe Daniel Agerkvist Finn T., Fernandez Grande Efren Denmark
120 02.03 Use of Transform Domain Least Mean Square Algorithm in Active Noise Control for Music Noise Reduction Jeon Onyu Lee Jaseung, Cho Yongeun, Ryu Homin, Wang Semyung Korea, South
121 02.04 Research on Active Control of Radiation Noise of Underwater Structure Based on Sound Intensity Zhang Xuyang China
122 02.04 Simulation of Adaptive Control of Radiated Sound Power in Front of a Plate Hajilou Mehran Germany
123 02.04 zhangxuyang1007@163.com Zhang Xuyang China
124 02.04 Vibration damping of elastically mounted windows for noise reduction in construction vehicles Heinemann Bernhard Jukkert Sergej, Sachau Delf Germany
125 02.04 Development of a new active vibration controller based on virtual tuned-mass-damper analogy for structures subjected to harmonic disturbances Kwak Moon Kim Soo-Min Korea, South
126 02.04 Active control of acoustic wave characteristics using a double-layered piezoelectric acoustic metamaterial system Hu Xiaolei Ding Jingjing, Huang Zhenyu China
127 02.05 Vibration and wave propagation control in a smart metamaterial beam with periodic arrays of shunted piezoelectric patches Moura Braion Machado Marcela, Borges Matheus Brazil
128 02.05 Electromagnetic energy harvesting from ambient vibration using permanent magnet linear oscillator Saito Akira Taguchi Kiichi, Aoshima Yoshinobu Japan
129 02.05 A new approach for an induced coagulation of particulate matter through thermo-acoustic agglomeration Lai S.K. Zhang Y.T., Yu Jerry C.W., Li Y. Hong Kong (China)
130 02.05 Method for Elasto-plastic Seismic Time History Analysis of Piping System that imitate Internal Fluids as Acoustic Elements Lee ChangKyun Lee SangJeung, Lee EunHo, Park No-Cheol Korea, South
131 03.01 A study on the correlation between aircraft noise units and weather conditions using automatic noise measurement data LIM SANG BONG CHOI SU EUN, YANG SEUNGYEON, Park Sangkyu Korea, South
132 03.01 Correlation and Analysis of trailing-edge noise Sicong Liang Chen Wangqiao , Zhou Teng, Huang Xun China
133 03.01 Investigation of Bolt Loosening in Super-alloy Thermal Protection System Panel using High-speed Digital Image Correlation GOO Nam Seo LE Vinh Tung Korea, South
134 03.01 Numerical analysis of Sonic Boom Noise Based on Aerological Observation Data Under the Mach Cutoff Condition Tsuchiya Takao Kanamori Masashi Japan
135 03.02 Passenger Acceptance of VTOLs for UAM Reydel Benjamin Rall James D., Allaei Daryoush United States
136 03.04 Numerical simulation and noise reduction design of outlet valve pipe cavity Zhang Yingzhe Sun Yifeng, Song Xiao, LEE Incheol, Liu Peiqing China
137 03.04 Experimental study on wall-mounted airfoil noise reduction Tong Fan Wang Yong, Chen Zhengwu, Huang Ben, Zhao Yu China
138 03.04 Experimental investigation of the four-wheel landing gear noise in large-scale configurations Zhao Kun Zhang Rongping, Cao Qingyuan, Kopiev Victor, Belyaev Ivan China
139 03.05 A design-led approach to airport noise management Heyes Graeme Sheppard Jack United Kingdom
140 03.05 Latest trends in noise issues related with the progress in airport and air transportation in Japan SHINOHARA NAOAKI Japan
141 03.05 Noise Level Analysis by Aircraft Type in Service in Korea: Case Study of Gimhae Airport Park Jae Sik Oh Sung Yeoul, Shin Hong Woo, Park Sang Kyu Korea, South
142 03.05 Survey of international approaches to aircraft noise abatement strategies King Eoin Slaboch Paul, Bradley Sean, Chowdhury Montasim United States
143 03.05 Complementation of Airport Noise Maps with audio listening Rosão Vitor Bakirci Ekim Portugal
144 03.05 Assessment of Noise Impacts of at Muscat International Airport AlHarthy Issa Al Abri Zahir, Baawain Mahad Oman
145 03.05 Assessment of en-route noise by simulated scenarios for future urban air traffic Bauer Michael Germany
146 03.05 Test cases for aircraft noise calculation programs Thierbach Roman Germany
147 03.05 Does the community response to noise change? A follow-up investigation on the impact of aircraft noise around Tan Son Nhat Airport after 11 years NGUYEN THU LAN Trieu Bach Lien , Zhang Wei, Hiraguri Yasuhiro, Morinaga Makoto, Morihara Takashi, Yano Takashi Japan
148 03.05 WECPNL Analysis of Helicopter Noise Evaluation Unit Using Mobile Sound Level Meter ZHANG MING Kim Byoung-Sam , Ji Hongjie China
149 03.05 Revision of the guidance manual for the measurement and evaluation of aircraft noise in Japan YAMADA Ichiro SHINOHARA Naoaki Japan
150 03.06 Verification of liner panel designs based on impedance educed by direct methods Murata Yo Daiguji Hirofumi, Ishii Tatsuya, Nagai Kenichiro, Oinuma Hideshi Japan
151 03.06 A non-reflective boundary condition for prediction of acoustic tones in turbomachinery using computational fluid dynamics for non-uniform flows in 3-D Zaabar Kamran Wilson Alexander United Kingdom
152 03.06 Numerical Studies of Nonlinear Self-sustained Thermoacoustic Instability in a Swirling Combustor ZHAO Dan Sun Yuze New Zealand
153 03.06 Chevron Nozzle Design: A Study Of Modification Of The Chevron Nozzle Design For The Reduction Of The Noise Emission And The Effect Of This Design To The Turbine Engine Performance ABD RAHIM MUHAMMAD AFIQ FARAHI Malaysia
154 03.06 Study on methodologies to locate sound sources in the circular duct by using an out-duct placed microphone array huang shichun , , jiang weikang China
155 03.06 The effect of front-to-rear rotor spacing on far-field tonal noise of model contra-rotating propfans at take-off Wang Hanyi Shan Peng, Zhou Yicheng China
156 03.06 The effect of intake length on aerodynamic characteristics under inlet distortion Naruse Hiroki Ishii Tatsuya, Oinuma Hideshi, Kusuda Shinya, Ooba Yoshinori, Hirakawa Karin, Ishikawa Hitoshi Japan
157 03.06 Experimental Study on the Acoustic Far Field of a Subsonic Jet Impinging on an Inclined Plate QIN CHen ZHao Kun, ZHang Junlong, Wu Songling China
158 04.01 A formulation of time-domain FEM for room acoustic simulations with frequency-dependent locally-reacting impedance boundary Yoshida Takumi Okuzono Takeshi, Sakagami Kimihiro Japan
159 04.01 Proposition and recommendations on a source localization method for popping noise in large window frames based on the analysis of lamb waves propagation Lesoinne Stéphane Crispin Charlotte, Detremmerie Vincent, Galloy Christophe Belgium
160 04.01 Empirical models for artificial and natural rainfall to assess rain noise inside buildings and cars Hopkins Carl Yu Yicheng United Kingdom
161 04.01 Research on high-rise residential building design based on sound environment optimization Cheng Yumeng China
162 04.01 Acoustic integration in BIM models Lorenzo del Moral Angela Spain
163 04.02 Considerations on the determination of measurements uncertainties values in laboratory airborne sound insulations measurements Antunes Sónia Patrício Jorge, António Julieta, Falção Ana Portugal
164 04.02 Classification scheme of floor impact sound insulation by Rubber ball Jeong JeongHo Kim YongHee , Ryu JongKwan, Kim KyoungHo Korea, South
165 04.02 Improvements in acoustic insulation of new flats in Pamplona (Spain) after the approval of the current Spanish Technical Building Code Arana Miguel San Martin Ricardo, Nagore Iñaki, Perez David Spain
166 04.02 Measurement of absorption coefficients to ISO354 using tall sources and microphones Dance Stephen Shearer Doug United Kingdom
167 04.02 In-situ investigation of multi-perforated gypsum boards in an apartment living space for reduction of heavy-weight impact noise Kim Yonghee Kim So Young, Park Sung Ho, Lee Hye Mi Korea, South
168 04.02 Verification of sound insulation performance of housing by field measurements and/or calculations Sentop Dümen Ayca Rasmussen Birgit Turkey
169 04.02 The Italian classification scheme of buildings – application to apartments and schools Fausti Patrizio Di Bella Antonino, Santoni Andrea, Scamoni Fabio , Secchi Simone, Semprini Giovanni Italy
170 04.02 Acoustics Ventilation and Overheating: Residential Design Guide Harvie-Clark Jack Chilton Anthony United Kingdom
171 04.02 A proposal for a new classification scheme for dwellings in Brazil Holtz Marcos Akkerman Davi, Monteiro Carolina Brazil
172 04.02 Encouraging acoustic renovation of housing in Denmark by extending acoustic classification with two lower classes E and F for old housing Rasmussen Birgit Denmark
173 04.03 Countermeasure against floor impact sound by heavy impact source of box floor structure Tomita Ryuta Okaniwa Takuya, Abe Kyoko Japan
174 04.03 Key parameters for impact and airborne noise control in wood buildings Hu Lin Dagenais Christian, Qian Cheng, Gagnon Sylvain Canada
175 04.03 Structure borne noise induced by railway operation and maintenance in over-track buildings on metro depot He Lei Wu Yanan, Wu Yubin, Song Ruixiang China
176 04.03 Evaluating sound insulation of cross laminated timber floors: 5 multilayer configurations in Swedish industry Bard Delphine Vardaxis Nikolas, Hagberg Klas Sweden
177 04.03 A standardized measurement method to measure the vibration reduction index improvement by adding resilient strips at a wall-floor junction: preliminary exercise Crispin Charlotte Dijckmans Arne Belgium
178 04.03 Improvement for Management System of the Floor Impact Sound Insulation Performance in Apartment House Kim Kyoung Min Park Young Min Korea, South
179 04.03 Investigation of children’s running for development of new floor impact source model Kim SuHong Song Minjeong, Lee Songmi, Kim Jeonghun, Song Hansol, Ryu Jongkwan Korea, South
180 04.03 Experimental study on floor impact sound reduction by double ceiling system with cross laminated timber panels Kasai Yusuke Tanaka Manabu, Murakami Tsuyoshi Japan
181 04.03 Investigation of non-acoustical factors affecting subjective response to floor impact noise through a survey Kim Jeonghun Song Hansol, Lee Songmi, Kim Suhong, Ryu Jongkwan, Kim Jungjoong Korea, South
182 04.03 Numerical simulation of floor impact sound by using finite-difference time-domain method Asakura Takumi Japan
183 04.03 Re-considering the impedance method used to predict impact sound insulation from heavy impacts Hirakawa Susumu Hopkins Carl Japan
184 04.03 A subjective study of source types and rating methods for impact sounds in buildings Mueller-Trapet Markus Moeller Konstantin, Choi Young-Ji, Zeitler Berndt Canada
185 04.03 Analysis of floor impact sound insulation performance according to internal filling condition of the wall-supported ceiling system Kim Sin-Tae Cho Hyun-Min, Kim Myung-Jun Korea, South
186 04.03 Sound absorption and floor impact sound characteristics of membrane-type sound absorbers in ceiling In Ho Kim Yong Hee Kim, Won Gab Choi Korea, South
187 04.03 Laboratory impact noise measurements below 50 Hz Dong Wayland LoVerde John United States
188 04.03 Effect of spatial distribution of floor impact sound on annoyance response for older and young adults SATO Hiroshi Hirakawa Susumu , Chikai Manabu , Mahn Jeffrey , Mueller-Trapet Markus, Batista da Cunha Iara Japan
189 04.03 Impact noise annoyance amongst seniors aging in place Mahn Jeffrey Mueller-Trapet Markus , Batista da Cunha Iara, Sato Hiroshi, Hirakawa Susumu, Chikai Manabu Canada
190 04.03 A semi-analytical approach for soil-pile interaction to be used in structure-borne noise problems. Conto Kenny Liravi Hassan, Clot Arnau, Arcos Robert Spain
191 04.04 Review of existing test procedures for the determination of acoustic properties of alternative ventilation ducts Zekic Suzana Gomez-Agustina Luis, Aygun Haydar, Chaer Issa United Kingdom
192 04.04 An evaluation of noise reduction performance and VR application for acoustic windows in Hong Kong Hung Tim Hong Kong (China)
193 04.04 Two-dimensional acoustic analysis of a flute-like silencer Zhao Xiaochen Zhang Xinyu, Meng Lianghu, Lu Peng China
194 04.04 Investigation of low frequency duct noise reflector using shunted speakers Li Shang Zhao Xiaochen, Zhang Xinyu China
195 04.04 An experimental study on multiple staggered natural ventilation sound insulation windows for sound enclosures Qiu Tian China
196 04.04 In-situ measurement and prediction of traffic noise transmission loss across a residential flat unit façade installed with two plenum windows Tang Shiu-Keung Li Xiaolong Hong Kong (China)
197 04.04 Noise reduction design and a micro perforated duct silencer applied in main control room ventilation system for nuclear power plants Cao Rongquan Lin Yuqing, Hu Xiaojie China
198 04.04 State-of-the-art of noise control in openings for natural ventilation and its applicability to the comfort in regions of tropical climate COUTINHO LAIS Michalski Ranny, Shimomura Alessandra Brazil
199 04.05 External timber frame walls – Effects of façade type, internal linings and construction details on measured sound insulation Nusser Bernd Lux Christian Austria
200 04.05 Sound Flanking Considerations in Composite Mass Timber Structures Collins Adam Canada
201 04.05 Multi-storey wooden buildings: an overview of European Projects and the BIGWOOD project presentation Caniato Marco Marzi Arianna, Gasparella Andrea Italy
202 04.05 Experimental investigations on airborne sound insulation of vacuum insulating glazing (VIG) Lux Christian Nusser Bernd, Schober Peter Austria
203 04.06 Comparison of standard software predictions of the sound insulation in CLT and concrete buildings with field measurements Simmons Christian Sweden
204 04.06 Acoustic Beamforming Applications In Construction Giner Jose Netto Pedro, Soares Luís Brazil
205 04.06 Numerical simulation on low-frequency sound transmission of composite walls between reverberation rooms Aida Yu Inoue Naohisa, Sakuma Tetsuya Japan
206 04.06 Study on the sound transmission through circular aperture array with viscous and thermal effect Zhang Rui Li Jiazhu, Chen Jian, Zhong Chengping, Lei Mingzhun China
207 04.06 Enhancing noise control in an acoustic cavity by using mis-tuned embedded Resonators and Quarter wave tubes CHINTAPALLI V S N PALLA ANUSHA India
208 04.06 Experimental study on low-frequency sound insulation of wooden house facades Liu Jinyu Inoue Naohisa, Sakuma Tetsuya, Kanetsuki Yoshifumi, Akimitsu Kou, Tsukamoto Yohei China
209 04.06 Sound Insulation Performance of Laminated Glass according to Temperature Song Guk-Gon Kim So-Young, Kim Yong-Hee, Yoon Yong-Jin Korea, South
210 04.06 Effect of temperature condition on sound insulation performance of laminated gypsum boards with adhesive Sugie Satoshi Nitta Ryuma, Toyoda Emi Japan
211 04.06 Construction of small twin reverberation chamber for measurement of sound transmission loss India
212 04.06 A calculation method for air noise blocked by a sound insulation component Wang Zong Chen Lejia China
213 04.06 FE-based approach to compute the sound transmission loss of building partitions Santoni Andrea Fausti Patrizio, Bonfiglio Paolo Italy
214 04.06 Effects of stud properties and spacing on acoustical performance of single stud walls Dong Wayland Shafer Benjamin, LoVerde John United States
215 04.06 Investigation of methods to evaluate acoustical effects of top-of-wall joints Dong Wayland LoVerde John, Schulze Peter, Winston Matthew, Kezon Chris United States
216 04.06 Acoustic Insulation Prediction Methods for Multi-layer Double Panel Wall System LIN CHUAN HSUAN TSAY Yaw-Shyan, YEH Chiu-Yu Taiwan
217 04.07 The Proposition of Optimum Reverberation Time Curve for Korean Traditional Music Halls JEONG AYEONG Kim Jae Soo, PARK Jin O Korea, South
218 04.07 The acoustics of the “Montevergine” Abbey Church Italy
219 04.07 Reconstruction of the sound field in Vadstena church during late middle ages Bard Delphine Barbagallo Mathias , Ask Carolina Sweden
220 04.07 The Vaccaj theatre of Tolentino (Italy): acoustical characterization of a small Italian opera house Iannotti Antonio Pinto Nicola Italy
221 04.07 An Experimental Study on Auralization of Korean traditional symphony music for the acoustic design of Korean traditional music hall Kwak Keehyun Yang Wonyoung, Shin Bong Kwan, Yang Si Hoon, Seo Choon Ki, Jeon Jin Yong Korea, South
222 04.07 Acoustic adaptation of multipurpose environments of historic buildings FRANCALACCI RODRIGO LUIZ Bertoli Stelamaris R. Brazil
223 04.07 Acoustic effects of orchestra shell parameters on the auditorium and stage in a multifunctional theater Song Chen Min Hequn China
224 04.07 The Need of Silence in Concert Halls and The Impact on Building Design. Nepomuceno José Brazil
225 04.08 Design and simulation of integral modelling used in thermal acoustic evaluation in occupied spaces Conceição Eusébio Conceição Maria Inês, Lúcio Maria Manuela Portugal
226 04.08 Social survey on the acoustic performance of music rehearsal rooms in the Universities Jeong JeongHo Kim YoungSun, Kim MinA Korea, South
227 04.08 Prediction and reduction of alarm sound propagated through elevator shaft and escape stair ways Jeong JeongHo Korea, South
228 04.08 Ambient noise inside airport terminals: a detailed survey of the background noise at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol van Wijngaarden Sander Atsma Remco Netherlands
229 04.08 Ensemble averaged absorption characteristics of materials using an in-situ technique: investigations on influence of wind-induced noise Horiike Nobuyoshi Okamoto Noriko, Otsuru Toru, Tomiku Reiji Japan
230 04.08 Field study of signal and guide sound for the elderly in subway station SONG HANSOL Kim Jeonghun, Lee Songmi, Kim Suhong, Ryu Jongkwan Korea, South
231 04.08 Sound insulation level in residential buildings in Brazil and noise annoyance inside homes Aquilino Marcelo Ikeda Cristina, Sales Elisa, Brito Adriana, Akutsu Maria, Pires Henrique Brazil
232 04.08 Recent advances in sound particle methods Judd Thomas Schaal Jochen Germany
233 04.08 A basic study of a voice evacuation guidance system in virtual space using precedence effect Muto Yasuto Osumi Ayumu, Ito Youichi Japan
234 04.08 A New Approach For Acoustical Assessment Of Small Rooms Based On Acoustic Wave Theory Kelle dilara Yılmaz Sevtap Turkey
235 04.08 A study case applying a method to retrieve complex surface impedances from statistical absorption coefficients aiming room acoustics simulation using Boundary Element Method Soares Murilo Brandão Eric , Aizik Tenenbaum Roberto, Turella Ferraz Alvim Luiz Augusto Brazil
236 04.08 Acoustic Coupling Effects between Corridors and Patient Rooms for Healthcare Building Design Xu Ke Min Hequn China
237 04.08 Finite element sound field analysis in rooms with curved surface Tomiku Reiji Otsuru Toru, Okamoto Noriko, Iwamoto Shun Japan
238 04.08 Comparison between ensemble averaged absorption characteristics of materials using an in-situ technique and those of conventional methods Okamoto Noriko Otsuru Toru, Tomiku Reiji, Ito Kaho, Horiike Nobuyoshi Japan
239 04.08 The Effects of the Hanging Absorber Ceiling Shapes on the Acoustics Condition in an Open Plan Office Khaliddazia Yenni Sarwono Joko Sarwono, Sudarsono Anugrah Sabdono, Hidayah Nurul Indonesia
240 04.08 Acoustic design of the extended 2nd passenger terminal at Incheon International Airport Haan Chan Park Chan-Jae Korea, South
241 04.08 Acoustic Characterization of a Neoclassical Museum: São Paulo Pinacoteca Barbo Marselle Brandão Eric, Melo Viviane Brazil
242 04.08 Revealing the acoustic quality of the Modernism legacy’s architecture: Marcos Acayaba’s single-family houses in São Paulo Gasparelo Lima Eduardo Loureiro Xavier Nascimento Michalski Ranny, Soares Gonçalves Joana Carla Brazil
243 04.08 A support method for the initial acoustical assessment of shopping spaces in building design Nowicka Elzbieta Poland
244 04.09 Room acoustic quality to support inclusion in schools Beldam Mai-Britt Sweden
245 04.09 Speech intelligibility inside primary classrooms: a virtual reality laboratory test Italy
246 04.09 Questionnaire Survey and Analysis of Noise Situation in Graduate Dormitories of South China University of Technology Xiong Wei Wang Hongwei China
247 04.09 Speech recognition assessment in Italian pediatric schools using close-set speech tests: a case of study Serpilli Fabio Lori Valter, Di Loreto Samantha Italy
248 04.09 The accuracy of reverberation time prediction for general teaching spaces Fichera Ilaria United Kingdom
249 04.09 Calculation of activity noise levels in classrooms by using a Gaussian mixture model Lee Joonhee Hadavi Shiva Canada
250 04.09 Impact of the use of curtains on the spatial distribution of early decay time in Brazilian classrooms Ikeda Cristina Vittorino Fulvio, Rosaria Ono Brazil
251 04.09 Evaluation of Volume Acoustics in Architecture Studios in Terms of Education Quality from State and Private Universities Özçetin Zuhal Görkem Merve, İlisulu Sebahat Gül Turkey
252 04.09 A study on the prediction of noise reduction by architectural design elements through open window of classroom in schools CHO HYUN-MIN YANG HONG-SEOK, KIM MYUNG-JUN Korea, South
253 04.09 Research and Improvement of the Acoustic Environment of University Canteens C Leejung China
254 04.09 Evaluation acoustic quality in lecture halls using onsite measurements and survey questionnaire Elmehdi Hussein Sanjinez Alejandra United Arab Emirates
255 04.10 A comparative performance simulation of natural and synthetic sound absorbers in room acoustic applications RAJ MANISH FATIMA SHAHAB, TANDON NARESH India
256 04.10 Organic waste as absorbent materials Iannace Gino Berardi Umberto, Ciaburro Giuseppe, Bravo Moncayo Luis, Puyana Romero Virginia Italy
257 04.10 Adoption of Acoustic Window for Public Housing Development in Hong Kong LEE YUN CHEUNG, RUDOLF YIM YU CHAU, STEPHEN, CHEUNG KA MAN, CARMEN Hong Kong (China)
258 04.10 Noise exposure ‘the new secondhand smoke’ - How is it addressed in building certification schemes van Dort Pascal Netherlands
259 04.10 Design factor analysis of naturally ventilated plenum device for reducing external noise Ji Won-gil Yang Hong-seok, Chang Seo-il Korea, South
260 04.10 Development and characterization of sound absorbing materials from agricultural wastes Iannace Gino Ali Mohamed , Berardi Umberto, Ciaburro Giuseppe, Alabdulkarem Abdullah, Nuhait Abdullah Italy
261 04.11 Open-plan offices with room-high sound screens and small amount on collaborative work – Effects of sound masking Renz Tobias Germany
262 04.11 Relationship between non-acoustical factors and dissatisfaction with speech privacy in open-plan office Lee Songmi Song Hansol, Kim Jeonghun, Kim Suhong, Ryu Jongkwan Korea, South
263 04.11 Open plan office acoustics design through an experimental, numerical and subjective approach Teixeira Tatiana Inácio Octávio, McDade André, Prata André, Martins Filipe Portugal
264 04.12 Air-conditioning condenser-compressor noise in multi-story residential apartment buildings Evans Jack Himmel Chad United States
265 04.12 Evaluating the acoustic performance of multi-unit residential buildings and acoustic comfort of occupants Andargie Maedot Touchie Marianne , O’Brien William Canada
266 05.01 Application of simple visualization system for analysing direction of sound sources by 3D microphones Soeta Yoshiharu Yoshioka Kiyoshi, Aida Yu , Onishi Yutaka, Hirasawa Kazuhiro, Ueda Yasutaka Japan
267 05.01 Development of Low Noise Road Surfacing on Local Roads in Hong Kong Leong Karen Tse Alvin, Chau Wai, Lee Chee Kwan, Tsang Terence Hong Kong (China)
268 05.02 Noise pollution in São Paulo: actions towards public policies Wunderlich Priscila Holtz Marcos, Pierrard Juan Brazil
269 05.02 A balanced approach to aircraft noise management: An update on the curious case of Dublin Airport’s new runway King Eoin United States
270 05.02 A new curriculum for acoustics experts developed in the frame of the Erasmus+ “Noise Training” project Bartalucci Chiara Borchi Francesco, Carfagni Monica, Bellomini Raffaella, Luzzi Sergio, Akbulut Çoban Nilgün, Asensio César Italy
271 05.02 Evaluation of the impact of vehicle traffic noise in communities: Comparative study on three highways in Brazilian northeastern da Rocha Alves Luciana da Costa Brasileiro Meneses Tamáris, Nogueira Pinto Florêncio Débora, Maria Dantas de Araújo Virgínia, Carla Dantas de Araújo Bianca Brazil
272 05.03 Free sound knowledge: how you (or your students) can contribute to Wiki4YearOfSound2020 Morata Thais United States
273 05.04 A case study on the effectiveness of acoustic performance and parallel-setting-up of a transparent standardized composite structure sound barrier Zhang Jiping Zhu Hong, Sun Jiarong, Xu Mingzhu, Wang Zheming China
274 05.04 Acoustic performance of noise barriers based on sonic crystals Radosz Jan Poland
275 05.04 Evaluation of stone impact resistance of laminated glass used for transparent soundproof panels in road noise barriers CHANG Taesun KIM Chulhwan, JANG Hyun-min Korea, South
276 05.04 Numerical study on performance of noise barriers with opened tubes at the edge Ishizuka Takashi Japan
277 05.04 Investigate the effect of the active noise barrier on the reduction of noise level at the shadow zone and the neighboring building Sohrabi Shahin Pàmies Gómez Teresa, Romeu Garbí Jordi Spain
278 05.04 Estimation Method for Acoustic Performance of Noise Reducing Devices on the Noise Barrier Consitering the Source Characteristics KIM Chulhwan CHANG Taesun, CHO Junho Korea, South
279 05.04 Investigation of a smart noise barrier for dual active and passive control of construction noise Zhang Yiting Lai Siu-Kai, Wang Jiamei, Leu Shao-Yuan, Sun Jian-Qiao China
280 05.04 Cymatics as a Tool for Noise Reduction in an Urban External Environment Vasdev Eishita Sanghani Himanshu India
281 05.04 Sound insulation measurements on noise barriers across their entire extension: a preliminary study Guidorzi Paolo Garai Massimo Italy
282 05.05 The sound of Indonesian cities Mediastika Christina Sudarsono Anugrah S., Utami Sentagi S., Fitri Isnen, Drastiani Rizka, Winandari MI Ririk, Rahman Akbar, Kusno Asniawaty, Mustika NW Meidayanti, Mberu Yuliana B. Indonesia
283 05.06 Overview of the NoiseModelling open-source software version 3 and its applications. Aumond Pierre Fortin Nicolas, Can Arnaud France
284 05.07 Urban sound design for all Botteldooren Dick Belgium
285 05.08 Effect of visual stimuli on the subjective impression of pass-by sound transmitted into low-rise residential building Asakura Takumi Hashimoto Riku Japan
286 05.08 Audiovisual Perception of Nursing Students in an ICU Virtual Environment Utami Sentagi Sitorus Nico Saut Gabriel , Sarwono R Sugeng Joko, Chayati Nur, Rahman Zulfi Aulia Indonesia
287 05.09 Measurement On The Directivity Of Road Traffic Noise YANG JIE SONG RUIXIAG, ZHANG LIJUAN, ZHANG HOUGUI China
288 05.09 Traffic’s noise mapping panorama in Joao Pessoa – PB, Brazil Brasileiro-Meneses Tamaris Pinto Ana Beatriz, Araújo Kalina, Araújo Renato, Morais Juliana, Araújo Bianca Brazil
289 05.09 Acoustic environment impact analysis of elevated road reconstructed from ground road Wang Beibei Zhang Lijuan , Song Ruixiang China
290 05.09 Impact prediction and noise prevention analysis of composite noise in residential community based on Cadna / A software Xiong Wei Wang Hongwei China
291 05.09 Outdoor acoustics of compact courtyard houses Lee Alexander David Offtermatt David , Bonfig Peter, Cremers Jan, Zeitler Berndt Germany
292 05.09 Extension of weather influence modeling of ground acoustic properties to various ground surface types Kurosaka Yumi Oshima Takuya Japan
293 05.09 Long-term experiments on influences of ground surface and meteorological conditions on outdoor sound propagation using an unattended impulse response measurement system Yokota Takatoshi Makino Koichi, Iizumi Genki, Tsutsumi Takuya Japan
294 05.09 Comparison of flow resistivity values of ground soil obtained by direct measurements and estimations by in-situ acoustic measurements Oshima Takuya Tsukahara Masato, Kurosaka Yumi Japan
295 05.09 Influence of the traffic flow in urban noise pollution Domazetovska Simona Anachkova Maja , Gavriloski Viktor, Petreski Zlatko Macedonia
296 05.10 Calibration in environmental noise monitoring Manvell Douglas Ferrier Doug Denmark
297 05.10 Study of the noise variability recorded by monitoring stations in Chilean cities Rey Gozalo Guillermo Suárez Enrique, Arenas Jorge P., Barrigón Morillas Juan Miguel, Montes González David, Oyarzún Toledo Camila, Vergara Elgueda Diego, Molina Alvarado Leonel, Espinoza Herrera Fausto Spain
298 05.10 Refined noise mapping guidelines aiming at better noise management Licitra Gaetano Fidecaro Francesco, Palazzuoli Diego, Fredianelli Luca, Bolognese Matteo Italy
299 05.10 A Study on Noise Measuring Heights for Highway Roadside Measurements Kang Hyejin KIM Chulhwan Korea, South
300 05.11 Influence of stand characteristics on the acoustic forest floor effect Van Renterghem Timothy Huyghe Floris, Verheyen Kris Belgium
301 05.11 Study on the prevention strategies of the factors on sound environment for improving egret habitat Ding Siyuan Shen Boxu, Zeng Jian, Wang Ning China
302 05.11 Noise mitigation due to vegetation lines alongside major roads? An investigation of the acoustic effect of vegetation and its influence on the perceived noise annoyance Czuka Martin Baumgartner Bernhard, Conter Marco Austria
303 05.11 Sensitive Risk Assessment and Planning Protection Policies of noise pollution for egret Deng Tian-yi Zhang Ke, Zeng Jian, Zhang Meng, Ding Si-yuan China
304 05.12 Wind Turbine Infrasound Propagation and Amplitude Modulation Survey in Taiwan LO FANGCHUN Tu Tsung-Hsien, Liao Chia-Chi, Chung Chiou-Fong, Shih Cheng-Yu Taiwan
305 05.12 Perceived sleep acceptability of broadband amplitude-modulated wind farm noise Alamir Mahmoud Hansen Kristy , Zajamsek Branko , Australia
306 05.12 Generating a database of labelled environmental noise samples using open noise data and quantifying wind turbine noise from it. Paulraj Thileepan Välisuo Petri Finland
307 06.01 Structural vibration analysis of multiple beams in the viscous fluid by using spectral element method Yang Wonseok Korea, South
308 06.01 Aeroelastic analysis of airfoils at proximity with structural coupling Han Jae-Hung Dhital Kailash, Nguyen Anh Tuan Korea, South
309 06.01 Research on Flow Noise of Underwater Vehicle Miao Tiancheng China
310 06.01 Dynamic Characteristics Determination and Optimization of Marine Engine Foundation Rahman Saif Ur Guanglei Liu China
311 06.01 Experimental and numerical investigation into effects of weather-strip on transmission of wind noise through side-window of automobile lee sangheon Lee Songjune, Cheong Cheolung, Kwon Hyerin, Seo Changman Korea, South
312 06.01 Structural and Modal Analysis of Marine Machinery Foundation Rahman Saif Ur Guanglei Liu China
313 06.01 Self Excited Vibration of the Impeller Blade of the Waterjet Propulsion Shaft in a Naval Vessel Caused by Flow Induced Thrust Load Han Hyungsuk Jeon Soohong, Lee Chungwon, Kim Yonghoon Korea, South
314 06.01 Wind Induced Noise inside a microphone’s port of a two-way radio Hairudin Wan Masrurah Ismail Norilmi Amilia Malaysia
315 06.01 Aeroelastic Analysis of Two-Dimensional Tandem Wing using Vortex Lattice Method Han Jae-Hung Yang Hyeon-Ho, Dhital Kailash Korea, South
316 06.01 Aeroacoustic characterization of micro-perforated liners under a low-speed turbulent boundary layer Bravo Teresa Maury Cedric Spain
317 06.02 Resabtors – Reducing fan and flow noise in HVAC applications Linke Berend Krebs Ingo, Buck Ralf Germany
318 06.02 Numerical Simulation of Wavy Leading Edges with Different Turbulence on BTI Broadband Noise luqin mao Xiang Kangshen, Guo Xin, Li Lin, Qiao Weiyang China
319 06.02 Experimental and computational investigation of the aeroacoustics of shrouded propellers Guo Lei Zhang Xin, Jiang Hanbo, Zhong Siyang Hong Kong (China)
320 06.02 An Experimental Investigation on the Noise Reduction of a Linear Cascade with Serrated Trailing-edge based on Linear Microphone Array Measurements Qiao Weiyang Xiang Kangshen , Ji Liang, Li Lin, Mao Luqin China
321 06.02 On a new approach for numerical modeling of the quadcopter rotor sound generation and propagation Timushev Sergey Klimenko Dmitry , , , Li Jiawen Russian Federation
322 06.02 Improvement in Aerodynamic and Aeroacoustic Performances of Axial-Flow Fan in Outdoor Unit of Air-conditioner Using Two-Dimensional Cascade Analysis Ryu Seo Yoon Cheong Cheolung, Kim Jong Wook, Park Byung Il Korea, South
323 06.02 Bionic streamwise perforation of aft rotor blade leading-edge for noise reduction of a contra-rotating fan Wang Chen Dong Bin China
324 06.02 Simulation study on the time-invariant air-flow characterization of centrifugal fan ZUO Kongcheng WANG Yong, ZHENG Xie China
325 06.02 On a new approach for numerical modeling of the quadcopter rotor sound generation and propagation Timushev Sergey Aksenov Andrey, Gavrilyuk Vladimir , Klimenko Dmitry , Li Jiawen Russian Federation
326 06.02 Noise emission prediction of small scale twin pushing propellers through surrogate models Di Marco Alessandro de Paola Elisa , Camussi Roberto , Paletta Nicola, Aquilini Carlo Italy
327 06.03 Optimization design of high-speed impeller using splitter blades for high-performance and low-noise cordless vacuum cleaner KIM KUNWOO Ryu Seo-yoon, Cheong Cheolung, Jang Jinman, Seo Seongjin, Jang Cheolmin Korea, South
328 06.03 Research on flow-induced vibration of check valve using dynamic grid technology Liu Shuai Huang Xuan, Wu Wanjun, Feng Zhipeng, Lv Xi, Wang Bihao, Zhang Fengshou China
329 06.03 Flow induced noise reduction design of airfoils with spanwise riblet surface Dang Zhigao Mao Zhaoyong China
330 06.03 Data-Driven Reduced-Order Model for Incompressible Fluid Flow upon Oscillating Structures Cho Haeseong Shin SangJoon, Kim Haedong Korea, South
331 06.03 Finite element method for calculating the transmission loss of mufflers based on duct acoustic modes Fan Yiliang Ji Zhenlin China
332 06.03 Vibroacoustic modeling of elastic plates excited by turbulent boundary layer song xiaoji Jin Guoyong, Ye Tiangui China
333 06.03 Development of the CFD-Aeroelastic Coupled Analysis of Launch Vehicle in Transonic Rho Hong-Gi Bae Jae-Sung, Park Soo-Hyung Korea, South
334 06.03 Research on the fluid structure coupled vibration characteristics of a cantilevered curved pipe Zhou Yingdong Zhong Jize, Qiu Changlin, Wang Chunxu, Shen Du, Yan Xiaojie, Fu Xiaoming, Sun Qibin China
335 06.03 Minimizing Automotive HVAC Blower Fan Noise using a Lattice Boltzmann based Method and Leveraging a Cloud-based Automated Optimization Workflow Kim Minsuk Mann Adrien, Lee Christopher, Sugiyama Zen United States
336 06.03 Acoustic Performance of Silencer Based on Temperature Field and Sound Field Coupling Qi Kai Zhang Xinyu, Zhang Wenping China
337 06.03 Study of Acoustic Propagation in Pipeline with Temperature Gradient Hu Rui China
338 06.04 Experimental study on tip vortex cavitation and induced noise characteristics of hydrofoils Hong Ji-Woo Ahn Byoung-Kwon, Shin Su-yong Korea, South
339 06.04 Influence of round corners on vortex-acoustic coupling flow inside coaxial side-branches Ma Hongyu Wang Peng China
340 06.04 The optimized design and verification of single double-flow jet noise scale model test rig Zhou Yingdong Zhong Jize, Qiu Changlin, Shen Du China
341 06.04 Simulation and Experimental Study on Flow-Induced Noise of Underwater Wing Structure qiang gong China
342 06.05 Empirical prediction of noise from subsonic dual-stream jets using the concept of two components of single-stream jet noise LEE IN CHEOL ZHANG YINGZHE, LIN DAKAI China
343 06.05 Psychoacoustic optimisation of aircraft noise – challenges and limits Dreier Christian Vorländer Michael Germany
344 06.05 LES of the noise generation by interactions between jets and solid surfaces Wang Zhong-Nan United Kingdom
345 06.05 Empirical prediction of noise from subsonic single-stream jets using the concept of two broadband components LEE IN CHEOL Zhang Yingzhe, Lin Dakai China
346 06.06 Aerofoil tonal noise reduction using serrated trailing edges Gelot Matthieu Kim Jae Wook United Kingdom
347 06.06 Numerical Study Of Aerodynamic Noise And Spatial Coherence Lengths For Circular Cylinders Jacob Joemon Bhattacharya S K India
348 06.06 Aeroacoustic characteristics of metasurfaces with stair-stepping honeycomb structures covered by perforated panels Fang Yi Liu Qian, Guo Jingwen, Jiang Ziyan, Zhang Xin, , Zhang Xin Hong Kong (China)
349 06.06 Investigation into effects of blade inlet/outlet angles and trailing edge shape on flow and noise performances of circulating centrifugal fan in clothes dryer Choi Jinho Ryu Seo-yoon, Cheong Cheolung, Jang Jinman, Seo Seongjin, Jang Cheolmin Korea, South
350 06.06 Adaptive mesh refinement for hybrid aeroacoustic simulations Poulos Athanasios Delmas Laurent , Legendre Cesar, Ze Zhou, Baudson Romain Belgium
351 06.06 Surface temperature measurement of acoustic liners in presence of grazing flow and thermal gradient Lafont Victor Méry Fabien , Simon Frank France
352 06.06 The reduction of axial fan tip vortex noise by using a new designed fan shroud China
353 06.06 Experimental study on instability tonal noise reduction using trailing edge gradient porous materials Wang Yong Lai Qing-Ren, Liang Yong, Song Yu-Bao, Zheng Xie China
354 06.06 A rotor aeroacoustics test platform at HKUST WU Han CHEN Weijie, FATTAH Ryu, ZHONG Siyang, ZHANG Xin Hong Kong (China)
355 06.06 Assessing tonal noise reduction potential of an elastic panel using flow-induced vibrations at various flow conditions Arif Irsalan Lam Garret, Leung Randolph Chi Kin Hong Kong (China)
356 06.06 Investigation of acoustic sources in the unsteady flow using spectral acoustic analogy Feng Feng China
357 06.06 Surrogate-based optimization for airfoil trailing-edge noise reduction using morphed trailing-edge shapes Liu Chen Lee Seongkyu United States
358 07.01 Numerical modelling assessment of radiated sound power by acoustic radiation efficiency parameter. Kozupa Michal Matys Magdalena Poland
359 07.01 Numerical analyses of effectiveness of integrated piezoelectric sensor-actuator in improving acoustic insulation of noise barriers for Longitudinal Cutting Aggregates Wiciak Jerzy Trojanowski Roman, Piechowicz Janusz, Borkowski Bartłomiej Poland
360 07.01 The effect of prior distribution for estimation of sound power level by the engineering method Stepien Bartlomiej Wszolek Tadeusz Poland
361 07.01 Development and validation of spreadsheet tools for noise path characterization Herrin David Ippili Srinivasa, Cheng Gong, Beamer Bryan United States
362 07.01 Analysis of noise emissions of an extensive machine in an industrial hall case study Piechowicz Janusz Poland
363 07.02 Measurement verification of noise emission sources from a large industrial plant Wszołek Tadeusz Stępień Bartłomiej, Mleczko Dominik Poland
364 07.02 Equivalent linear modeling of a human head including the characteristics of simulator to evaluate a bone-conduction device Kim Chan-Jung Kim Byung-Tak , Kim Seon-Jin , Kang Inpil, Sohn Jeong-Hyun , Yoon Moon-Cheol Korea, South
365 07.02 Analysis on the influence of airfoil structure support form on underwater vibration performance XU XINTONG China
366 07.02 Non-constant noise calculation using the room response function Tsukernikov Ilya Antonov Alexander, Ledenev Vladumir, Merkusheva Natalia, Nevenchannaya Tatiana, Shubin Igor Russian Federation
367 07.03 Electromagnetic noise and vibration generated by induction motors Saito Akira Namatame Takumi, Suzuki Tatsuya, Japan
368 07.03 Effects of centroid bias on piston secondary motion Wang Chuang China
369 07.04 Contribution of Individual Windings to Overall Load-Controlled Noise and Vibrations of Power Transformers using Coupled Multiphysics FEM-BEM Simulations Bosnjak Bruno Nowak Dariusz, Michalowski Sever , Sitar Robert, Ahn Chang Hoon Switzerland
370 07.04 Effect of Combination of Hybrid Solar and Wind Power DGs on Transient Stability of Captive Power Generation Units PEMMANABOIDI SRIHARI K. V. S Ramachandra Murthy , kollu Ravindra India
371 07.04 The cavitation noise in lubricating oil system and its reduction Chen Jingming Long Chengyi China
372 07.05 Simulation analysis of acoustic performance of ventilation silencing louver wang li Hu Fucai China
373 07.05 Acoustic Reciprocity of Large Three-Port Silencers Zhou Hao Wang Peng, Wu Tim China
374 07.05 Acoustic optimization design and experimental verification of marine diesel engine exhaust system Wang Duyong Xu Beibei, Xia Meng, Zhang Zhengyao, Zhu Xiaojian China
375 07.05 Performance_improvement_of_the_intake_silencer_in_a_marine_turbocharger Cao Yipeng Liu Chen, Ding Sihui China
376 07.06 WIND Power Noise Systematically Misjudged in Sweden Lagö Thomas Persson Bertil Sweden
377 08.01 Evidence Relating to Environmental Noise Exposure and Annoyance, Sleep Disturbance, Cardio-Vascular and Metabolic Health Outcomes in the Context of IGCB (N): A Scoping Review of New Evidence van Kamp Irene Simon Sendrick, Notley Hilary, Baliatsas Christos, van Kempen Elise Netherlands
378 08.01 Causal analysis of complaint behaviours due to environmental noises Yokoshima Shigenori Morinaga Makoto, Yano Takashi Japan
379 08.01 Noise health impact assessment in Korea Sun Hyosung Lee Byungkwon Korea, South
380 08.02 The impact of the WHO Environmental Noise Guidelines in The Netherlands Welkers Dik Netherlands
381 08.02 The specific demands of people on the healthy acoustic environment in working status with high-order cognitive task Chen Jing Ma Hui China
382 08.02 The transformation of noise pollution control in China under the new situation Zhang Lijuan Yang Jie, Wang Shiqiang, Wei Xinyu China
383 08.02 Revision of Swiss noise exposure limits in the wake of the WHO environmental noise guidelines: methodology matters Brink Mark Switzerland
384 08.02 Inter-Noise2020 Test Kim Hochul Korea, South
385 08.03 Noise Hazard From Small Volumes of Hydrogen-Air Mixture Blasts Gomez-Agustina Luis F. Averill Antony, M. Ingram James United Kingdom
386 08.03 Verifying the attenuation of earplugs in an auto parts factory in China Gong Wei Morata Thais United States
387 08.03 Assessment of working conditions in medical facilities due to noise Pleban Dariusz Poland
388 08.03 Effects of vibrator placement and ambient noise on perception of bone-conducted sound during earplugging Shinobu Taishi Otsuka Sho, Nakagawa Seiji Japan
389 08.03 Evaluation of noise exposure and hearing thresholds in judicial transcribers Zamojska-Daniszewska Malgorzata Pawlaczyk-Luszczynska@imp.lodz.pl Malgorzata, Dudarewicz Adam, Zaborowski Kamil Poland
390 08.03 Otoacoustic emissions in call centre operators Pawlaczyk-Luszczynska Malgorzata Zamojska-Daniszewska Malgorzata, Zaborowski Kamil, Dudarewicz Adam Poland
391 08.03 Hearing threshold level in workers exposed to noise of ultrasonic welding devices Dudarewicz Adam Zamojska-Daniszewska Malgorzata, Zaborowski Kamil, Pawlaczyk-Luszczynska Malgorzata Poland
392 08.03 Noise assessment at office workplaces – Rating level and statistical analysis of sound pressure level measurements Renz Tobias Germany
393 08.03 Auditory risk for impulsive sounds using the AHAAH model with stylized signals, measurements and by applying hearing protection Van der Eerden Frits Van den Berg Frank Netherlands
394 08.03 EXPOSURE TO NOISE AT THE WORKPLACE OF FITNESS INSTRUCTORS AND ITS IMPACT ON THEIR HEARING Zaborowski Kamil Dudarewicz Adam, Pawlaczyk-Luszczynska Malgorzata, Wolniakowska Anna, Sliwinska-Kowalska Mariola Poland
395 08.03 Noise pollution at construction sites: occupational noise generated by portable power tools Barbosa Adriano Brazil
396 08.04 Effect of Mental Fatigue on Medial Olivocochlear Reflex Suzukiu Yuto Otsuka Sho, Nakagawa Seiji Japan
397 08.04 Effect of Expectation of Stimulus intensity on Medial Olivocochlear Bundle Reflex Otsuka Sho Nakagawa Seiji Japan
398 08.04 Effects of spiral geometry of cochlea in hearing sensitivity and audible frequency band inferred from motions of basilar membrane Lee Dooho Park Youn-Young Korea, South
399 08.05 Noise and Clinical Risk Management: Influence on Performance and Communication Siegmann Silvester Germany
400 08.05 Room acoustics in dementia care affect staff and patients. Beldam Mai-Britt Sweden
401 08.05 Noise levels in Danish emergency wards in connection to their architectural layouts Jeong Cheol-Ho Jakobsen Hannah Cathrine Wiid Denmark
402 08.05 City hospitals in Turkey: a review of acoustical criteria and design principles Bora Ozyurt Zeynep ESMEBASI Merve, SU GUL Zuhre Turkey
403 08.05 Noise levels measured in Danish dental clinics Jeong Cheol-Ho Yazdanyar Nina Denmark
404 08.06 Do we need different metrics to predict the effects of aircraft noise on children’s well-being and health? Spilski Jan Bergstroem Kirstin , Moehler Ulrich Möhler , Lachmann Thomas, Klatte Maria Germany
405 08.06 Infants\' Response to Futenma Aircraft Noise and Sound Environment Tokashiki Takeshi Japan
406 08.07 Investigation on the association between aircraft noise and general health of residents living near Tan Son Nhat Airport Trieu Bach Lien Nguyen Thu Lan, Zhang Wei, Hiraguri Yasuhiro, Morinaga Makoto, Morihara Takashi, Yano Takashi, Sasazawa Yosiaki Vietnam
407 08.07 Perception of neighbour noise and self-reported psychometric status Park Sang Hee Shin Hye Kyung, Kim Kyoung Woo Korea, South
408 08.08 The Investigation on subjective annoyance of typical noise in urban living environment and the preliminary study on the applicability of A, Z and G weighting network in noise evaluation Wang Qikun Cai Chao, Li Wei, Xu Yanan China
409 08.08 The influence analysis fo current noise in urban living environment based on subjective comfort survey XV YANAN Ca Chao , Wang Yan, Wang Qikun China
410 08.09 Noise Protection via Overall Noise Evaluation – First Steps in Germany Steindorf Annett Germany
411 08.09 Acoustic comfort applied to the living spaces of people with autism: designing interactive and supportive environments Caniato Marco Bettarello Federica, Scavuzzo Giuseppina , Gasparella Andrea Italy
412 08.09 A critical overview on the sensory perception related to people affected by Autism Spectrum Desorder Caniato Marco Marzi Arianna, Gasparella Andrea Italy
413 09.01 Progress in Roughness Calculation Sottek Roland Becker Julian, Lobato Thiago Germany
414 09.01 Sensation-growth equations for non-zero threshold sensation, evaluated using non-traditional, bounded Fechnerian integration for Fechner’s Law, Ekman’s Law, and 12 different Weber Fractions Nizami Lance United States
415 09.01 Masking Effect Analysis of Non-stationary Sound by the Equivalent Continuous Loudness Cai Jun Xu Xuanyue, Yu Nishuai China
416 09.02 Measurement of air-, bone- and teeth- conducted threshold levels by pure tone audiometry Yamada Tomomi Maezono Hazuki, Nozaki Kazunori, Hayashi Mikako, Matsui Takanori, Kuwano Sonoko, Takada Masayuki, Van Hirtum Annemie Japan
417 09.02 Objective evaluation of noise in electric vehicles during acceleration based on psychoacoustics Qian Kun Hou Zhichao, Sun Dengke, Wu Peibao, Luo Rongkang, Kuang Kunying China
418 09.02 Evaluation of tire-pattern noise for better impression Hashimoto Takeo Hatano Shigeko Japan
419 09.02 Effects of parameters of HVAC noise on subjective preference and intellectual productivity Nakagawa Seiji Nakajima Haruki, Otsuka Sho Japan
420 09.02 Sound quality evaluation in the VIP lounge of an EMU train based on psychoacoustic parameters Qian Kun Hou Zhichao, Sun Qiang, Gao Yang, , Sun Dengke China
421 09.02 Evaluation of subjective impressions of footstep noise from combinations of high-heeled shoes and flooring materials Kim Ki-Hong Japan
422 09.02 Tonality benchmark analysis for electric vehicle interior noise Doleschal Florian Hots Jan, Verhey Jesko, Oetjen Arne, Schneider Sebastian, Rottengruber Hermann Germany
423 09.02 A comparison-based study of psychoacoustic parameters of motorcycle noise emission Ghatreh Samani Omid Altinsoy Ercan Germany
424 09.02 Surveys on sonic environment and inhabitants’ awareness around childcare facilities Kataoka Hiroko Takada Masayuki, Iwamiya Shin-ichiro Japan
425 09.02 Correlation between annoyance and psychoacoustic parameters for traffic noise Ghatreh Samani Omid Altinsoy Ercan Germany
426 09.02 Subjective evaluation on the effect of tonal components contained in environmental noises Yonemura Miki Lee Hyojin, Sakamoto Shinichi Japan
427 09.02 A laboratory investigation into the oppressive or vibratory feeling to low-frequency pure-tone Morinaga Makoto Yokoshima Shigenori, Makino Koichi, Kobayashi Tomohiro, Yokoyama Sakae Japan
428 09.03 Using Eye Tracking to Investigate the Audio-Visual Effect of Landscape Perception: A Research Review Li Jian Masullo Massimiliano, Maffei Luigi China
429 09.03 Preliminary qualification of a small audio-visual dataset for a multisensory study on urban parks Masullo Massimiliano Maffei Luigi, Cioffi Federico, Palmieri Alice, Galderisi Adriana, Li Jian, Pascale Aniello, Iachini Tina, Ruggiero Gennaro, Ruotolo Francesco, Rapuano Mariachiara Italy
430 09.03 Effects of noise on overhead crane operators performances under mental fatigue, in a virtual reality crane simulator Masullo Massimiliano Toma Roxana Adina, Pascale Aniello, Maffei Luigi, Ruggiero Gennaro Italy
431 09.03 Developing a Multivariate Model to Predict the Perception of Residents\\\' Perceived Noise Annoyance through High-Rise Building Windows Chau Chi Kwan Chung Wai Kit, Masullo Massimilano, Pascale Aniello Hong Kong (China)
432 09.04 Benefit from spatial release from masking for native and non-native listeners in simulated room acoustics Hui C. T. Justine Au Eugena, Xia Shirley, Hioka Yusuke, Watson Catherine I., Masuda Hinako New Zealand
433 09.04 Evaluation of generic filters for reduced front-back confusion rates Kroener Lorenz Langrenne Christophe, Garcia Alexandre, Zimpfer Véronique France
434 09.04 Auditory distance perception cues in a small enclosed space: numerical simulation and psychoacoustical evaluation Liang Linda Yu Guangzheng China
435 09.04 The Behavioural Test and Artificial Head\'s Responses Involving the Short Sounds with the Gaussian Envelope. Martinson Karolina Zieliński Piotr, Kamisiński Tadeusz Poland
436 09.04 Is wearing active-noise-cancelling headphones in open space offices beneficial for cognitive performance and employee satisfaction? Results of two laboratory studies. Mueller Benjamin Liebl Andreas, Martin Noemi Germany
437 09.04 The effect of binaural recording devices on speech intelligibility evaluation in rooms Yao Yuhe Zhu Jiecheng , Wang Jue , Mei Yongchang , Tan Jingyu , Guo Yuying , Peng Jianxin China
438 10.01 Use of “Beamforming” as a tool to assist the development of acoustic products Aquilino Marcelo Ikeda Cristina, Sales Elisa, Brito Adriana, Akutsu Maria, Pires Henrique Brazil
439 10.01 Analysis of drivers’ horn use factors at intersections in an urban area of Taiwan Takada Masayuki Hashimoto Kazuma, Inada Tamaki, Kim Ki-Hong, Oeda Yoshinao, Lin Yu Chang, Lin Wei, Huang Fang-Yi Japan
440 10.02 Developing a simple tool noise comparison procedure for use in a buy-quiet program Speaks Hannah Beamer Bryan United States
441 10.03 The evolution of noise from household appliances in the last 30 years in Brazil Aquilino Marcelo Ikeda Cristina, Sales Elisa, Brito Adriana, Akutsu Maria, Pires Henrique Brazil
442 10.03 Numerical & Experimental Investigation of Low Frequency Tyre Impact Noise and Possible Applications on Tyre Performances Makwana Bharatkumar Ved Mihar Netherlands
443 10.06 Sound Character of Electric (EV) and Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) Public Transport Vehicles Jawale Pradeep India
444 10.06 Sound Quality of Dishwashers Atamer Serkan Altinsoy M. Ercan Germany
445 10.06 Development of sound quality model for automotive door closure sound, target development and identification of countermeasure for performance improvement Hadjit Rabah Bi Jinyan, Ren Chao, Hadjit Rabah, Engels Bret, Zhang Haibin United States
446 10.06 AI-SQ Metrics: Artificial Intelligence in Sound Quality Metrics Sottek Roland Lobato Thiago Germany
447 10.06 Relation between Preference of Road Noise and Loudness Distribution Yang JaeHo Shin Sung-Hwan, Han Eun-Jun Korea, South
448 10.06 Sound Quality Characteristics of Refrigerators Tuzel Esra Erdogan Koray, Cetin Mehmet Onur Turkey
449 10.06 Hybrid multi-channel system in automotive audio Zhang Hang Lin Zhibin China
450 10.06 Modelling and analysis of subjective evaluation of sound quality of the construction vehicle noise XUE Fei Sun Beibei China
451 10.07 Perceived immersion and powerfulness of a vehicle driving simulator in different reproduction configurations Jo Eunsoo Park Dong Chul, Jeong Cheol-Ho , Song Woo-Keun, Gil-Carvajal Juan Camilo Korea, South
452 10.07 Perceptual Characteristic of Sportiness According to the Multisensory Stimuli Kim Seonghyeon Altinsoy M. Ercan Korea, South
453 11.01 User Assessments of Living Soundscapes in a Tropical Urban City, Exploring Subjective Perceptions and Objective Audio-visual Components Collected with Mobile Application Technology Hasegawa Yoshimi Lau Siu-Kit, Radicchi Antonella Singapore
454 11.01 Soundscape-Impact of COVID-19 upon the understanding of our acoustic environments. Why silence is so much more complicated. Schulte-Fortkamp Brigitte Germany
455 11.01 Randomized Clinical Trial in Soundscape Research Talebzadeh Arezoo Canada
456 11.01 Basic Study on Visualization of Environmental Sound Using Smart Glass to Support Hearing-Impaired Persons Nakaya Masafumi Asakura Takumi Japan
457 11.01 Using the soundscape approach for managing urban quiet areas Fiebig Andre Germany
458 11.01 Factors that affect individual differences in soundscape evaluations Yang Ming Emelin Maxim, Herweg Andreas Germany
459 11.01 Soundscape assessment: towards a validated translation of perceptual attributes in different languages United Kingdom
460 11.01 Soundscape, engagement and planning practices within airport expansion projects in the UK Lavia Lisa Brown Caroline, Payne Sarah R. United Kingdom
461 11.01 Acousticsphere or Soundscape ? Valadares Victor Viana Clarice Brazil
462 11.01 Soundscape and its contribution in understanding the perception of electric vehicles Genuit Klaus Germany
463 11.01 Not all perceptual attributes for soundscape assessment have stable meaning in the appraisal space Nagahata Koji Japan
464 11.02 Participative and interdisciplinary data collection for the study of urban soundscapes. Aumond Pierre Guiu Claire , Allès Christèle , Can Arnaud France
465 11.02 Virtual, augmented and mixed reality tools in soundscape evaluation and design Lam Bhan Tan Yi Xian, Heng Joey, Hong Joo Young, Ong Zhen-Ting, Gan Woon-Seng Singapore
466 11.03 A comparative study on soundscapes in real and virtual open offıce environments. YILMAZER Semiha Şahin Zekiye Turkey
467 11.03 A quantitave approach to investigate hospital soundscape: The case of Bilkent Integrated Health Campus YILMAZER Semiha Dalirnaghadeh Donya Turkey
468 11.03 Acoustic comfort assessment in contemporary timber residential buildings: acoustic data associated to subjective responses. Vardaxis Nikolaos-Georgios Bard Hagberg Delphine, Sweden
469 11.03 Noise Identification in Passenger Train and It’s Relation to Passenger Perception Hidayah Nurul Sarwono Joko, Sudarsono Anugrah Sabdono Indonesia
470 11.04 Effect of soundscape on mental workload and task performance based on Psychophysiological Responses AN YUYING Meng Qi Meng, Kang Jian China
471 11.04 Road traffic noise in Monfragüe National Park Rey Gozalo Guillermo Montes González David, Barrigón Morillas Juan Miguel, Pérez-González Javier, Hidalgo de Trucios Sebastián J. Spain
472 11.04 Comparisons of Soundscape at Inland and Coastal Public Spaces in China Zhao Wei Kang Jian, Xu Hongpeng China
473 11.04 Mapping the Tourism Transportation Noise Exposure To Natural Quiet and predicting potential effects on the threatened Black-Necked Cranes in Dashanbao Protected Areas XU XIAOQING Kong Dejun China
474 11.04 Effect of soundscape on mental workload and task performance based on Psychophysiological Responses An Ying Meng Qi , Kang Jian China
475 11.04 Effect of acoustic environment on residents’ mental feelings of residential living nearby the traffic road Li Lei Wu Yue, Zhang Shanshan China
476 11.05 Effects of sound identification, conversational speech and physical environment perception on tourist acoustic comfort in urban public spaces Ren Xinxin Du Shan, Li Qi China
477 11.05 Effect of dynamic visual form on sound preference of waterscape Yang Xiaoyin Kang Jian China
478 11.05 The sound’s dynamics in street markets during the Covid-19 pandemic: a case study at Tabuleiro Market, Maceió-AL, Brazil Silva Jordana Silva Ana Caroline, Gonçalves Elisabeth, Oliveira Poliana, Oiticica Maria Lucia Brazil
479 11.05 Soundscape study of three urban parks in a smart city pilot Kumar B. Naresh Chockalingam M. P., Elango M., India
480 11.05 Effect of visual characteristics of residential areas on soundscape in high density cities in China Gao Bo Meng Qi , Kang Jian China
481 11.05 Study on place making in a historical block: a soundscape perception approach Liu Jiang Yang Ling China
482 11.05 Understanding City Park Soundcape Through ISO/TS 129132:2018 Sound walk (Method B) In Association With Landscape elements M Banu India
483 11.05 The Soundscape Descriptor in Historic District of Jakarta Djimantoro Michael Martokusumo Widjaja, Poerbo Heru W., Sarwono Joko Indonesia
484 11.05 To listen, feel and live in a noble area of a coastal city with vertical densification, before and during, time of Covid-19. Case study: Neighbourhood of Ponta Verde, Maceió-AL. OITICICA MARIA LUCIA GONDIM DA Oliveira Stella Rosane da Silva , Barbosa Mariana Souza, Saraiva Ellen Dyanne Caetano , Martins Arthur Douglas Silva Brazil
485 11.05 The acoustic dimension of squares: the potentiality of soundgardens Valadares Victor Soares Márcia Brazil
486 11.05 Understanding urban soundscape through soundscape composition Sudarsono Anugrah Sarwono Joko, Tassia Ranti Dwi Indonesia
487 11.05 Guidelines for soundscape mapping and urban soundscape design derived from the imaginaries of digital native users Polack Jean-Dominique Taupin Philippe, Jeon Jin Yong , Jo Hyun In France
488 11.06 Factors influencing audio-visual comfort evaluation in the metro commercial space Tao JingWen Yu Lei, Wang YaoWu, Kang Jian, Li Tian China
489 11.06 Associations between soundscape restorativeness and self-reported wellbeing in different urban parks Fang Xingyue Liu Jingrong, Zhang Yuchen, Gao Tian, Qiu Ling China
490 11.06 Associations between perceived occurrences of different sounds and perceived restorativeness in urban parks Fang Xingyue Qiu Ling, Gao Tian China
491 11.06 Three urban sound installation prototypes for improving the quality of life in everyday urban soundscapes Lacey Jordan Australia
492 11.06 A Study on the Intention to Protect the Grand Song of the Dong Ethnic Group Based on the Planned Behavior Theory Model Li Jing Liu Aili, Deng Zhiyong, Wu Lan, Tang Huimei China
493 11.06 Urban environment soundscape evaluation: Milan case study of noise events perceptions by citizens Alsina-Pagès Rosa Orga Ferran , Freixes Marc, Mallol Roger, Aletta Francesco, Mitchell Andrew, Kang Jian, Foraster Maria Spain
494 11.08 The soundscape reconstructions of the early 20th century vendor cries in streets of Istanbul and Naples with two 3D sound spatialization approaches Maffei Luigi Fırat Hasan Baran , Masullo Massimiliano, Karadoğan Can Italy
495 11.08 A methodology for the historically informed soundscape Italy
496 11.08 New descriptors for capturing perceptions within historic soundscapes Jordan Pamela Fiebig André Netherlands
497 11.08 Sounds as an expression of urban vitality: changes in the soundscape of neighborhoods affected by technological disaster in Maceió - AL, Brazil OITICICA MARIA LUCIA GONDIM DA Oliveira Poliana Lopes de , Silva Jordana Teixeira da , Martins Arthur Douglas Silva , Gonçalves Elisabeth de Albuquerque Cavalcanti Duarte , Costa Selma Patrícia Bandeira Mendes Brazil
498 11.08 A study on soundscape of Xi\'an Huajue Alley Mosque China
499 11.08 Practical considerations on the recording of real acoustic environments for cultural and natural soundscapes assessment Pavón Ignacio De Arcas Guillermo, San Millán-Castillo Roberto, Suárez Enrique, Hermida Luis Fernando Spain
500 11.08 A case study on soundscape mapping for the historical and ethnic village of DONG Nationality in Zhaoxing County DENG Zhiyong BAI Danfeng, DONG Kexin, TONG Kaicheng, LIU Aili China
501 11.09 Soundscape assessment with classification of human perception to sound environment Jeon Jin Yong Jo Hyun In Korea, South
502 11.09 Red Soundscape Index (RSI) An index with the potential to assess soundscape quality Cao XInhao Meng Qi, Kang Jian China
503 11.09 A preliminary investigation on soundscape perception based on a soundwalk through open spaces of Matsue City, Japan. Kazumasa(一将) Honda(本田) Trieu Bach Lien, Zhang Wei, Nguyen Thu Lan Japan
504 11.09 Identification of Acoustic Index for Revealing The Characteristics of The Lowland Forest Ecosystem of Alas Purwo Utami Sentagi Hanifah, Hadi Susilo Indonesia
505 11.09 Crossing professional habits for plural analysis of urban soundscapes Polack Jean-Dominique Geisler Elise, Gourlot Nathalie , Manola Thea, Perez-Munoz Antoine, Tribout Silvère France
506 11.09 A deep learning approach for modelling perceptual attributes of soundscapes Ooi Kenneth Hong Jooyoung, Lam Bhan, Ong Zhen-Ting, Gan Woon-Seng Singapore
507 11.09 Soundscape characterization in outdoor public spaces in urban high-rise residential blocks Zhu Guofeng Kang Jian, Ma Hui, Wang Chao China
508 11.09 Soundscape assessment methods: compatibility of questionnaires and narrative interview based on ISO 12913-2 Jo Hyun In Seo Rosa, Jeon Jin Yong Korea, South
509 11.10 Effect of visual environment on auditory perception in the public spaces of shopping malls Yi Fashu Kang Jian China
510 11.10 A taxonomy of indoor acoustic environments and sound source preference in shopping centres Ercakmak Ugur Beyza Dokmeci Yorukoglu Papatya Nur Turkey
511 11.10 Acoustic perception evaluation in buildings recorded with binaural audio and point-of-view video Harvie-Clark Jack Romeo Pitone Rebecca United Kingdom
512 11.10 Five questions on the indoor soundscape approach for regenerative buildings Torresin Simone Albatici Rossano, Aletta Francesco, Babich Francesco, Bourdeau Ethan , Harvie-Clark Jack, Kang Jian, Lavia Lisa, Radicchi Antonella Italy
513 11.10 Emotions elicited by indoor sound sources in wooden residential buidings Frescura Alessia Lee Pyoung-Jik United Kingdom
514 11.10 Effects of spatial form on sound fields in sequential spaces Yang Tingting Kang Jian China
515 11.10 Sound matters while enjoying movies; a soundscape study of visually impaired people Mediastika Christina Sudarsono Anugrah Indonesia
516 12.01 Design of a constant beamwidth beamformer for the length-limited parametric array loudspeaker Shi Chuang Liang Jiangnan, Gou Jiacheng, Bai Ruyu China
517 12.01 Beampattern design for the parametric array loudspeaker using mixed Gaussian directivity method Shi Chuang Gou Jiacheng, Liang Jiangnan, Bai Ruyu China
518 12.01 Bolt Looseness Damage Detection Using EMI Method Under Temperature Changing Condition Zhan Yanglei Wang Guan, Yuan Xingjun, Xuan Lingkuan , Wu Wuhui China
519 12.01 Multistatic Localization with Unknown Transmitter Position and Transmission Time Zhang Bingbing Guo Jizhou China
520 12.01 Estimation of the Noise and Reverberation Covariance Matrices with Application in Speech Enhancement using the Multichannel Wiener Filter Kung Fan-Jie Bai Mingsian R. Taiwan
521 12.02 On the denoising of non-Gaussian noise in the acoustic array measurement Yu Liang Li Cong, Antoni Jerome , Chen4 Zhifei, Jiang Weikang China
522 12.02 Recognizing acoustic spatial patterns with deep learning technique Wu Haijun Dong Ningjuan, Zha Yang, Jiang Weikang China
523 12.02 Convolutional sparse formulation of the sound field in an enclosure Hahmann Manuel Verburg Riezu Samuel Arturo, Fernandez Grande Efren Denmark
524 12.02 Extended vector-based EB-ESPRIT using additional constraints for increasing the maximum number of detectable sources Jo Byeongho Zotter Franz, Choi Jung-Woo Korea, South
525 12.02 Introduction to a new 3 dimensional method to visualize sound directivity based on a moving microphone array and Beam Forming Vonrhein Benjamin Kerscher Michael , Doebler Dirk, Meyer Andy Germany
526 12.02 Sound source localization and diagnosis from multiple acoustic images Canada
527 12.02 Application of extended-resolution imaging method: droplet imaging Chen Wangqiao Huang Xun China
528 12.02 Random behavior makes the turbulence noise of propeller lose the characteristics of harmonic. Yang Zudi Chen Wangqiao, Huang Xun China
529 12.02 A novel DOA estimation method for a far-filed narrow-band point source via the conventional beamforme Yao Shuai Xu Yanan, Fang Shiliang, Wang Xiaoyan, Yu Wenhui China
530 12.02 Simulation and experimental study of noise source identification and sound power estimation based on spiral array Wang Qian Yue Shu, Hou Hong China
531 12.02 Joint sensing methods to reconstruct acoustic fields over space Verburg Samuel Fernandez-Grande Efren Denmark
532 12.02 A subspace inverse method for the separation and localization of distributed aerodynamic noise sources Pan Xingjian Jiang Weikang China
533 12.02 Microphone arrays for acoustic direction of arrival analysis: Model-based approaches Xiang Ning United States
534 12.02 A real-time acoustical holography method based on adaptive filter algorithms Ding Dan Liu Yifan, Xu Yinhai China
535 12.02 Sound source localization based on Gaussian mixture models using ITD with diffuseness mask in a neck-band microphone array module Park Sanghun Park Hyung-Min, Kim Yi-Gyeong, Lee Sung Q, Park Kang-Ho Korea, South
536 12.03 Assistive technology for the hearing-impaired persons using deep learning of auditory spatial scene Shin Seung-Su Lee Gi Yong, Kim Hyoung-Gook Korea, South
537 12.04 Accelerated boundary element method for acoustic problems implemented on FPGA China
538 12.04 Vibrational analysis of rectangular thin layer using Fourier sine series as the auxiliary function Deng Guoming Shao Jianwang, Wu Xian, Zheng Songlin China
539 12.04 Why the bundengan is a personal musical instrument Parikesit Gea Indonesia
540 12.04 Estimation of pollution error by utilizing high order FEA in Fenics for the scattering of a plane, harmonic sound wave Oguc Mete Okyar Ali Fethi, Topaloğlu Nezih, Khajah Tahsin Turkey
541 12.05 Development of an integrated numerical model of the thermo-physiological and biomechanical human system applied in occupied spaces Conceição Eusébio Conceição Maria Inês, Lúcio Maria Manuela Portugal
542 12.05 Analysis on the space mechanical properties of the satellite borne multi-materials composite type microstrip antenna Shen Li Liu Zhangyi China
543 12.05 Dynamic Topology Optimization Research of Stiffened Plate Structures Based on the BESO Method 韩 月东 滕 晓艳, 江 旭东 China
544 12.05 Research on Dynamic Stiffness Topology Optimization Based on Equivalent Static Load liu nan teng xiaoyan, jiang xudong China
545 12.05 Numerical evaluation of visco-thermal losses using the method of fundamental solutions Veloso Matheus Godinho Luis, Amado Mendes Paulo , Redondo Pastor Javier Brazil
546 12.05 Visualization of demodulated sound based on sequential acoustic-ray-tracing for parametric array loudspeakers in three-dimensional space Shimokata Makoto Nakayama Masato, Nishiura Takanobu Japan
547 12.05 Forced Vibration Analysis of a Fibre-Reinforced Polymer Laminated Beam using the Green Function Method Li Xuan Halim Dunant, Liu Xiaoling China
548 12.05 Toward real-time virtual sensing of structural vibration with limited physical sensors Oh Seungin Lee Hanmin, Lee Jaekyung, Kim Jin-Gyun Korea, South
549 12.05 Influence of parameters of small gaps regarding sound transmission and ANC-performance - a numerical simulation Sandner Michael Sachau Delf Germany
550 12.05 Numerical and experimental analysis of a hemicylinder diffuser and the influence of normalization procedures on the diffusion coefficient Ferraz Alvim Luiz Augusto Brandão Eric , D’Antonio Peter, Petrolli Rinaldi Brazil
551 12.05 A modelling approach to identify the influences of bearing system parameters on drive train vibrations Sturm Carolin Gwosch Thomas, Matthiesen Sven Germany
552 12.05 Analytical and numerical investigation of sound radiation from traffic tunnels YANG Weiping Choy Yatsze Hong Kong (China)
553 12.05 Computation of the Webster equation eigenvalue problem employing Heun’s functions Hruska Viktor Bednarik Michal Czech Republic
554 12.05 A Lambda-shaped piezoelectric energy harvester for highly efficient vibration energy harvesting QING HAITAO Yoo Hong Hee Korea, South
555 12.05 Parametric study on the acoustical transmission loss of U-shaped corrugated pipes XUE Fei Sun Beibei China
556 12.06 A Space-time-frequency Joint Detection Method of Line-spectrum Components in Underwater Acoustic Signals shen zihan luo xinwei China
557 12.06 Underwater acoustic feature extraction based on restricted Boltzmann machine Feng Yulin Luo Xinwei China
558 12.06 Spatial and frequency characterization of the noise generated by the propellers of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) in acoustic localization tasks del Val Lara Izquierdo Alberto, Villacorta Juan J. Spain
559 12.06 Experimental study on echo acquisition based on the correlation of low frequency reverberation Yang Baoshan Ma Zhongcheng, Zhu Lingguo, Liu Wenzhang China
560 12.06 Investigation on Wavelet Basis Function of DNN-based Time Domain Audio Source Separation Inspired by Multiresolution Analysis Kozuka Shihori Nakamura Tomohiko, Saruwatari Hiroshi Japan
561 12.06 Spectrogram Features Detection Based on Convolutional Neural Network with Rich Convolution Features Zhang Ningjie Luo Xinwei China
562 12.06 Study on signal processing of acoustic environment recognition for acoustic detection technology SHIN DONGJUN KIM HEUNGTAE, YIM SUNGHWAN, KWON HYUSANG Korea, South
563 12.06 Coupler tracking algorithm for a wheeled train uncoupling robot based on gaussian particle filter combined with improved particle swarm optimization Liu Fengqi Yao Jianjun, Sheng Tang, Yu Jie, Zhao Yue, Wang Xiao China
564 12.06 High-Gain Detection for Underwater Acoustic Beacon Signals Using Envelope Spectrum of Multi-Pulse Yu Wenhui Yao Shuai , Fang Shiliang, Xu Yanan China
565 12.06 Acoustical Monitoring of Electrical Discharges Holstein Peter Fuchs Karsten, Seitz Steffen, Berger Frank, Bader Nicki, Moeck Steffen, Doebler Dirk Germany
566 12.06 An underwater wideband signal DOA estimation method based on common frequency domain sparse dictionary He Daqian Wang Congying, Peng Xirui, Miao Tiancheng China
567 12.06 Texture analysis of ship wake image based on gray level co-occurrence matrix cao wenjing fang shiliang China
568 12.06 A sharp acoustic focus via artificial iterative phase conjugate planar array Zhao Xiangtao China
569 12.07 Vibration Level Difference Based on More Test Points on the Base of Pipes Isolation System li xingzhao li pengzhou China
570 12.07 A development of real time reproduction system of the three-dimensional visual image and binaural sound -Application to the noise measurement- Ishii Yohji Doi Tetsuya Japan
571 12.07 Vibration Sensor Placement for Delamination Detection in a Beam Structure based on the Vibration-based Chaotic Oscillator Method Li Xuan Halim Dunant, Liu Xiaoling China
572 12.07 Calibration and uncertainty evaluation of the devices for audiometry Cho Wan-Ho Korea, South
573 12.07 A Good Practice Guide for Vibration Assessment for the SEIA in Chile Bastián-Monarca Nicolás Arenas Jorge P., Padilla Camilo Chile
574 12.07 A comparison of the two and four microphone methods for deriving the characteristic acoustic properties of porous materials Lomte Amulya Wojciechowski Brittany, Sharma Bhisham United States
575 12.07 Arctangent Demodulation for Laser Heterodyne Interferometer based on FPGA Ke Wei Feng Xiujuan, He Longbiao, Yang Ping, Xing Guangzhen, Wang Min China
576 12.07 Filtering the reflection waves in an anechoic chamber during the free-field calibration Huang Yen Chun Kuo Shu Fen, Tu Tsung-Hsien Taiwan
577 12.07 Raspberry Pi: A Low-cost Embedded System for Sound Pressure Level Measurement Fonseca William Jacomussi Leonardo, Mareze Paulo Henrique Brazil
578 12.07 A simplified sound directivity measuring method based on the Chinese traditional pentatonic scale for the small Pipa of Dong Nationality DENG Zhiyong TONG Kaicheng, JIA Luyao, ZHONG Jingle, LIU Aili China
579 12.08 Reduction of the Timbre Coloration in Horizontal Ambisonics Reproduction Liu Kaiqian Xie Bosun China
580 12.08 Performance analysis of room impulse response reshaping using binaural method Zhu Jun Rao Dan China
581 12.08 Oral-binaural room impulse responses measured on singers in various halls Park Munhum Thailand
582 12.08 3-D Sound Image Panning Based on Spherical Harmonics Expansion for 22.2 Multichannel Audio Suzuki Hiromu Iwai Kenta, Nishiura Takanobu Japan
583 12.08 Evaluation on multichannel surround sound system with parametric loudspeakers for sharpness of sound images Shimada Naoto Iwai Kenta, Nakayama Masato, Nishiura Takanobu Japan
584 12.08 Sound image design in the elevation angle based on parametric head-related transfer function for 5.1 multichannel audio Shoda Chiharu Iwai Kenta, Nishiura Takanobu Japan
585 12.08 Personal sound field manipulation in the wearable audio device Jeon Se-Woon Choi Jung-Woo Korea, South
586 12.08 A low cost loudspeaker array for personal audio with enhanced vertical directivity Wallace Daniel Cheer Jordan United Kingdom
587 12.08 Spatial hearing and virtual auditory display (keynote speakers) Xie Bosun Vigeant Michelle C China
588 12.08 Personal audio systems in car cabin using loudspeaker array based on measured transfer functions with spectral smoothing Cai Yefeng Ye Chao, Ma Dengyong, Mu Yongsheng, Zhou Jianming, Chai Guoqiang China
589 12.08 The IHA database of human geometries including torso, head and complete outer ears for acoustic research Roden Reinhild Blau Matthias Germany
590 12.08 Two and three-dimensional sparse Models for compressed sensing in multiple sound zones Vinceslas Leny Lim Hyun, Kondoz Ahmet United Kingdom
591 12.09 Virtual sound source construction based on wave field synthesis using multiple parametric array loudspeakers Sayama Shiori Nakayama Masato, Nishiura Takanobu Japan
592 12.09 Investigation on VHF sounds in the ears project Japan - part1 Ueda Mari HARADA Rikuo , KIRIYAMA Riku, HIROE Masaaki , HASEGAWA Hideyuki, Nakamura Kentaro Japan
593 12.09 Investigation on VHF sounds in the ears project Japan - part2 Hiroe Masaaki Harada Rikuo, Kiriyama Riku, Hasegawa Hideyuki, Nakamura Kentaro, Ueda Mari Japan
594 13.01 Classification of the active submerged and bottom targets based on the total scintillation index Han Ning China
595 13.01 Underwater target classification based on probabilistic neural network Wen Zixu Han Ning China
596 13.02 The control and test of underwater radiated noise of a scientific research ship with VSP Fan Mingwei Wei Qiang, Xie Zhiqiang, Liu Yong China
597 13.02 Research on Acquisition of Intrinsic Characteristics of Large Marine Structures Based on Operational Modal Analysis LIU CHAO Wang Guan, Li Shangda, Yuan Xingjun, Zhan Yanglei China
598 13.03 Noise prediction model for vibratory offshore pile driving with a frictional surface Molenkamp Timo Tsouvalas Apostolos, Metrikine Andrei Netherlands
599 13.04 Study on Recovering the Free and Far field Radiation Acoustic Characteristics of An Underwater Box Lin Wei Li Sheng, Liu Chengpeng China
600 13.04 Effects of perturbation frequency on nonlinear vibration isolation system Dong Wanjing China
601 13.04 Quiet Bunk for Restful Sleep in Submarines Allaei Daryoush Rall James D. United States
602 13.04 Modal parameters identification of submerged structure based on measured sound pressure Xia Maolong Li Jingru , Dai Zhihao China
603 13.06 Study on matching design of piping system and vibration isolation coupling system Lei Zhiyang Shen Du, Wang Hao China
604 13.06 The Influence of Stator Parameters on Unsteady Flow Characteristics and Unsteady Forces of a Ducted Propeller with Pre-swirl Stators Yu Hai-ting Duan Ning-yuan, Hua Hong-xing China
605 13.06 Numerical Investigation of The Submarine Sail With Different Aspect Ratio For Acoustic Target Strength Reduction Sun Yangbin China
606 13.06 The research on targeted regulation technology of floating-raft isolation system performance Li Shang Liu Yan China
607 13.06 Vibration reduction of marine shafting systems using nonlinear energy sinks Zhang Zhenguo Ma Xinxing, Duan Ningyuan, Hua Hongxing China
608 13.06 Boundary detection of nonlinear chaotic vibration responses Dong Wanjing Xie Kun, Li Wencheng China
609 13.06 Experimental investigations on the hydraulic leveraged dynamic anti-resonance vibration isolator under base excitation Duan Ningyuan Yu Haiting, Ma Xinxing, Zhang Zhenguo, Hua Hongxing China
610 13.07 Numerical studies on surface pressure fluctuations of the DARPA Suboff model Tan Hao Zhao Xiaochen, Zhang Wenping China
611 13.07 Numerical Prediction of Tip Vortex Cavitation Noise Of Underwater Propellers Using RANS Solver, Bubble Dynamics And Acoustic Analogy Ku Garam Cheong Cheolung, Seol Hanshin Korea, South
612 13.07 The method to suppress the hydrodynamic noise from a sail hull model by the suction technique Liu Yongwei Fei Shiting, Shang Dejiang China
613 13.07 The method to suppress the hydrodynamic noise from a sail hull model by the dimples Fei Shiting Liu Yongwei, Shang Dejiang China
614 13.07 Numerical investigation of cavitation noise of the submarine propellers using DDES technique Cho Junghoon Ku Garam, Cheong Cheolung, Seol Hanshin Korea, South
615 13.07 Unsteady hydrodynamics and vibro-acoustic responses for a pump-jet propelled suboff under distributed pulsation force shi shuaikang chen Yuxi, Su Zhiwei, Huang Xiuchang, Hua Hongxing China
616 13.08 Estimation of underwater sound power using linear array beamforming Yue Shu Hou Hong China
617 13.08 Study of the sound escape with the use of noise mitigation systems in offshore pile driving Peng Yaxi Tsouvalas Apostolos, Metrikine Andrei Netherlands
618 13.08 A multi-task sparse feature learning method for underwater acoustic target recognition based on two uniform linear hydrophone arrays Zeng Xiangyang Lu Chenxiang, Li Yao China
619 13.08 The effects of the sail on acoustic scattering characteristics of the underwater structure Peng Xirui China
620 13.08 Vibration control of a fluid-conveying pipes using receptance method Zhang Lin Zhang Tao, Li Tianyun, Ouyang Huajing China
621 13.08 Combined separation and classification of two types of coexistent ship radiated noise based on trained ideal ratio mask and cepstral features Lu Chenxiang Zeng Xiangyang China
622 13.09 Accurate Carrier Frequency Estimation of Phase Coded Signals Using Frequency Shifting and Measurement of Spectrum Leakage in Fourier Interpolation Algorithms Wei yangjie Fang shiliang, Wang xiaoyan, Zhu chuanqi China
623 13.09 Underwater acoustic vector communication using particle velocities in shallow water Choi Kang-Hoon Choi Jee Woong, Kim Sunhyo, Dahl Peter H. Korea, South
624 13.10 Properties of echolocation click sound of narrow-ridged finless porpoise (neophocaena asiaeorientalis) inhabiting the west coast of Korea Yoon Young Geul Choi Seulgi, Sohn Hawsun, Han Dong-Gyun , Choi Jee Woong Korea, South
625 14.01 Analysis of the influence of Range Extender System Design on the vehicle NVH Performance chang chen China
626 14.01 A Study on the Total Backlash Influence Factors of the Automatic Transmissions for the Vehicle Tip-In Shock Lee Hyun Ku Kim Moo Suk , Hong Sa Man , Im Youn Soo , Yoo Dong Kyu , Chae Geum Muk Korea, South
627 14.01 A Study for the Multi-Plate Clutches Noise Evaluation Method in the Torque Converter Hong Sa man Lee Hyun Ku, Kim Moo Suk, Im Youn Soo, Yoo Dong Kyu, Chae Geum Muk Korea, South
628 14.01 NVH analysis of fuel cell with consideration of driving maneuvers in FCV Nan Zequn Behrendt Matthias, Petersen Manuel, Albers Albert Germany
629 14.01 A Case Study on Road Noise Sound Characteristic Identification and Improvement in a Sedan Based on Binaural Transfer Path Analysis Dong JianXin Wu Lie, Liu Ming, Zhuang HuiMin, Kong ChuanXu, Ma Chao China
630 14.01 Stochastic Simulation Methodology – Accounting Variability Of Key Parameters Affecting Squeak And Rattle Performance PARMAR AZAN B R CHANDAN RAVI, MUNGARA HARI KRISHNA India
631 14.01 Advancements in assessment & mathematical optimization for squeak phenomena K V Manoj Chandan Ravi B R, Hari Krishna Mungara India
632 14.01 Advanced Diagnostics Simulations Approach For Random Response Analysis To Analyse Road NVH Characteristics PARMAR AZAN MUNGARA HARI KRISHNA, MISKIN ATUL, MAHESWAR RAO UMA India
633 14.01 Stochastic Simulations For Prediction Of NVH Performance And Robustness Due To Variability In Wheel/Tire Imbalance Forces PARMAR AZAN MISKIN ATUL, MAHESWAR RAO UMA, MUNGARA HARI KRISHNA India
634 14.01 Frequency response function-based transfer path analysis using virtual parameters Kim Jun Gu Kang Yeon June, Park Hansol, Nam Kyoung-Uk Korea, South
635 14.01 Vibration characteristics of the Two DVA in CV joint drive shaft An KangHyun Lee Sang Kwon , cho Jeong Hyeon, Jeong Jun Baek Korea, South
636 14.02 Challenges in NVH refinement of a pure electric passenger vehicle P Prasad I Nagasuresh, T Judson Rajkumar, M Jaganmohan Rao India
637 14.02 The development of electric drive systems – How to deal with the sound quality evaluation challenges Li Peiran Wang Xiaojing China
638 14.02 Simulation Diagnostics Approach For Source Identification And Quantification In NVH Development Of Electric Motors PARMAR AZAN Miskin Atul, Himakuntala Uma Mahewar, Mungara Hari Krishna, Rao Raghavendra, Achary K Kiran India
639 14.02 Interactive Sound Quality Evaluation of an EV Virtual Prototype Hadjit Rabah Histed Travis, Joshi Sanket, Talbot Alexis, Charbonneau Jeremy United States
640 14.02 Does an idling sound help to detect an electric vehicle? Steinbach Lisa Altinsoy M. Ercan Germany
641 14.02 Acoustic encapsulation of electric motors and gearboxes using a combination of FEM-BEM-PEM approaches Calloni Massimiliano Anciant Marc, Mebarek Lassen , Van Hal Willem, Amichi Kamel Italy
642 14.03 Three-Dimensional Acoustic Imaging In The Aero Acoustic Wind Tunnel Kerscher Michael Vonrhein Benjamin , Heilmann Gunnar, Döbler Dirk, Meyer Andy Germany
643 14.03 Prediction and analysis of vehicle interior noise according to incompressible and compressible external surface pressure fluctuations due to external flow Lee Songjune Cheong Cheolung Korea, South
644 14.03 Digital process to design sunroof deflectors for addressing buffeting and broadband noise Mutnuri Lakshmi Ayyappa Raghu Senthooran Sivapalan, Sugiyama Zen United States
645 14.03 Numerical investigation into generation mechanism of whistle sound due to narrow folding-gap flow of automobile side-mirror LEE KWONGI LEE SONGJUNE, LEE SANGHEON, CHEONG CHEOLUNG, RIM SUNGNAM, SHIN SEONGRYONG Korea, South
646 14.04 Numerical analysis of influencing factors on von-Mises stress of broadband random vibration based on finite element method Wang Changwu Xue Fei China
647 14.04 A Study on Natural Frequency Characteristic of the Side Member as a Vibration Transfer Path of the Vehicle Kim Moo Suk Lee Hyun Ku, Hong Sa Man, Im Youn Soo, Lee Jong Bum, Yoo Dong Kyu, Chae Geum Muk Korea, South
648 14.04 An Analysis of Road Impact Booming on a FR Vehicle using Transfer Path Analysis and Experimental Test Models Lee Moon Seok Korea, South
649 14.04 Modal analysis of single lap joint under dynamic loading United Kingdom
650 14.04 The critical nonlinear characteristics near stable boundary of the air spring suspension system Dong Wanjing China
651 14.04 Engine mount response improvement using hybrid modeling Kang Seongho Kang Yeon June, Kim Seoung Jun, Ju Hyung Jun Korea, South
652 14.04 Moment based experimental method for the improvement of transfer path analysis accuracy Hong Kyoung Jun Kang Yeon June, Nam Kyoung Uk Korea, South
653 14.04 A simplified model for the vibration analysis of an elastically coupled system based on the wave propagation approach Pyo Hee Soo Park Hansol, Kang Yeon June Korea, South
654 14.04 Accurate Prediction of Powertrain Rigid Body Modes, Chassis Frames during early stages of automobile vehicle development MADDALI RAMAKANTH United States
655 14.04 Study for Dynamic Characteristics of Antenna Gimbal Stabilization System on the tracked vehicle Lee Sockkyu Jung Kangsik, Jeong Euibong Korea, South
656 14.04 Analysis and Optimization of Chassis Component Clunking Noise Caused by Stick-slip Motion gong xiaoping Kuo Everret China
657 14.05 A study on vehicle exterior noise evaluation method considering building acoustic performance and sound quality Ishihama Masao Japan
658 14.05 Indoor and outdoor pass-by noise source separation Schuhmacher Andreas Hwang Moon-Ju , Kwak Sung-Hyun , Kim Uije Denmark
659 14.05 A semi-circular microphone array configuration for indoor pass-by noise sound synthesis Alkmim Mansour Cuenca Jacques, De Ryck Laurent , Kournoutos Nikolaos, Papaioannou Athanasios, Cheer Jordan, Janssens Karl, Desmet Wim Belgium
660 14.06 Refinement of low frequency noise and vibration in a sleeper coach S Krishnamoorthy P Prasad, R Karalmarx , Medisetti Jaganmohan Rao India
661 14.06 Driveline optimization to reduce the noise and vibration in 4X4 commercial vehicle P Jebasingh I Nagasuresh, Medisetti Jaganmohan Rao India
662 14.06 Estimation of rattle noise from an electric power steering system Sato Yoshihiro Iwatsuki Nobuyuki Japan
663 14.06 Estimating the sound absorption coefficient of layered fibrous material using artificial neural networks Jeon Ju Hyun Kang Yeon June Korea, South
664 14.06 Interior Noise Effect Evaluation by Driving Condition Yang Yoonsang Mo Hyungkyu, Lee Seung Korea, South
665 14.06 ISO 8608-based pavement roughness classification with artificial neural networks using suspension vibration measurements Park Yun Seol Jeon Ju Hyun, Kang Yeon June Korea, South
666 14.06 Method for the design of passenger cabin shell-structure body components with regard to acoustically efficient lightweight design Kollmannthaler Meike Langer Sabine C. Germany
667 14.06 Research on Stick-slip Motion Elimination of Polymers Material by Surface Modification gong xiaoping Li Wei China
668 14.07 Design and analysis of an acoustic structure to restrain tire cavity resonance noise Wang Zongnan Liu Xiandong , Shan Yingchun , He Tian China
669 14.07 Mechanism of reducing tire acoustic cavity resonance noise by using the special-shaped inner profile tire Liu Xiandong Feng Qizhang Feng, Wang Zongnan, Shan Yingchun China
670 14.07 Evaluation of Noise Reduction of Korean Low-Noise Pavements – Part 1: Measurements and Results of the CPX method Kim Hyunjin Chae Hyun, Lee Jae-Eung, Kim Byungchae, Chae Gyeongwon, Hwang Weesang Korea, South
671 14.07 Design and performance study of noise reducing pavement by considering travel lane differences Li Mingliang Hua Xia, Yuan Minmin, Li Jun, Li Jiang China
672 14.07 Long-term study of the effectiveness of rubberized asphalt in reducing tire-pavement noise Donavan Paul Janello Carrie United States
673 14.07 The balance between practicality and uncertainty in the SPB method: How many heavy vehicles do we need to measure? Goubert Luc Sandberg Ulf Belgium
674 14.07 Traveling Wave Mode Based Modal Analysis Method Developed for Vibration Study of Circular Structures Such as Automotive Tires Kim Jay Indraneel TS United States
675 14.07 Grind or kill? Introducing FAME: Forecasting of Acoustic Maintenance Effectivity on low-noise pavements Buehlmann Erik Schindler Johannes, Roth Vincent Switzerland
676 14.07 Acoustic optimization of asphalts using Acoustic Void Content Analysis AVCA on drill cores Buehlmann Erik Schlatter Felix Switzerland
677 14.07 Can CPX method evaluate truck tyre noise ? A first approach using a standardized light truck test tyre Lelong Joel Anfosoo Lédée Fabienne France
678 14.07 Investigation of the Split in the Fundamental Air-Cavity Mode of Loaded Tires Choi Won Hong Bolton J. Stuart Korea, South
679 14.07 Quantification of Tire / Pavement Interaction Noise Absorption Capacity of Pervious Concrete Pavement Systems Sundar Sriram Bayya Radhika, Biligiri Krishna Prapoorna India
680 14.07 Profile effect on cavity noise reduction in FE simulation Kim HyunUk Kim YoungHun Korea, South
681 14.07 Prediction of tyre pattern noise based on deep learning Lee HwaJin Lee SangKwon, Yoon YoungSam, Hwang SungWook, Kim SungDae, Yum KiHo Korea, South
682 14.07 Numerical Simulation of Close-Proximity (CPX) Tyre/Road Noise Measurement Trailer Enclosure Acoustics Design LI DONG FANG LEUNG Randolph Chi Kin, CHAN Horus Yui Ho, HUNG Wing Tat Hong Kong (China)
683 14.07 Noise Reducing Performance of Single Layer Porous Asphalt Pavement Paved on Expressway in Korea KIM Chulhwan KWON Oh-sun, LEE Byeong-chan , PARK Sang-kyu Korea, South
684 14.07 Correcting for the temperature influence in tire/road noise measurements Vieira Tiago Sandberg Ulf Sweden
685 14.07 Temperature effect on coast-by tire noise Ji Hongjie Kim Byoung-Sam , Zhang Ming China
686 14.07 Evaluation of Noise Reduction of Korean Low-Noise Pavements – Part 2: Issues regarding the application of the CPX method Sandberg Ulf Kim Hyunjin Sweden
687 14.08 Optimal reference signal selection method in active noise control for road noise Kim Tongmin Chemali Elias, Kang Yeon June, Cho Munhwan, Oh Chisung, Kim Joongkwan Korea, South
688 14.08 A comparison of the noise reduction performance of two virtual sensing method Zhang Jin Elliott Stephen, Cheer Jordan United Kingdom
689 14.08 Application of local active control for HVAC system noise in an electric vehicle Ribeiro Silva Yuri He Jianfeng, Kniaz Oren China
690 14.08 Active road noise control in a car cabin using structure-borne sound Lee Young-Sup Yoo Eunsuk, Lim Chasub, Ryu Seokhoon Korea, South
691 14.10 Influence of information cognition by separation of visual and auditory information positions: A case of information presentation for a driver in a vehicle cockpit Naka Kiichi Yamauchi Katsuya, Tanoue Nobuaki, Kawata Ayumu Japan
692 14.10 The Noise Issues of Urban Air Mobility Industries and The Research Activities of KARI Chung Kihoon Wie Seongyong, Hwang Changjeon Korea, South
693 14.10 Sound Quality of interior Active Sound enhancement Lanslots Jeroen Bodden Markus, Belgium
694 14.10 Engineering Process for the Development, Validation and Certification of the Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System for Electric Vehicles Hadjit Rabah Franks Graham United States
695 14.10 Adjustment of soft sounds in cars for multisensory harmony Haverkamp Michael Germany
696 15.01 Optimisation of Noise and Vibration Design for Chuning Inter-city Railway Ma Ziyan Gu Xiaohan Phrain, Wang Anbin China
697 15.01 Control of vibration induced abnormal wear of carbon strip on railway pantograph-catenary Wang Anbin Gu Xiaohan Phrain, Ma Ziyan China
698 15.03 Analysis of Perforated Sound Absorptive Structure of Trackside Sound Barrier Yang Xinwen Qian Dingwei, Zhang Zhao, Zhao Zhijun China
699 15.03 Rail corrugation in metro railways: a state-of-the-art review Gu Xiaohan Phrain Wang Anbin, Ma Ziyan China
700 15.03 Prediction of rolling noise generated by a high-speed train running along an infinitely long periodic slab track Sheng Xiaozhen Cheng Gong, Thompson David China
701 15.04 Experimental study on curve squeal noise with a running train SHIMIZU Yasuhiro KAWAGUCHI Tsugutoshi, SUEKI Takeshi, KITAGAWA Toshiki, KANEMOTO Hiroyuki, KUZUTA Masahito Japan
702 15.04 A numerical model to study the effects of low temperature on bridge-borne noise in railway Wang Liuchong Wang Ping, Zhao Caiyou China
703 15.05 Uncertainty assessment of a model to predict the vibration induced by train traffic in tunnels Latorre Iglesias Eduardo Arcos Robert Spain
704 15.05 A coupled 2.5D FEM-SBM methodology for underground railway-induced ground-borne vibration problems Liravi Hassan Arcos Robert, Clot Arnau Spain
705 15.05 VIBWAY: A prediction toolbox for railway induced ground-borne vibrations Noori Behshad Spain
706 15.05 A Case Study On Railway Induced Ground Noise For TOD Metro Depot ZHANG HOUGUI LIU Qiang, KANG Zhongxu , SONG Ruixiang China
707 15.05 Efficiency of isolated concrete blocks applied in railway slab tracks as mitigation measures for railway-induced ground-borne vibration in tunnels Arcos Robert Liravi Hassan, Ghangale Dhananjay, Romeu Jordi Spain
708 15.06 Study and verification on noise control measures of EMU motor ZHU Leiwei LIU Shaoqing, GUO Jianqiang, LIU Shaoqing China
709 15.06 Sound sources and measures of aerodynamic noise generated from bogies of Shinkansen train Uda Toki Akutsu Mariko, Kitagawa Toshiki Japan
710 15.06 Study on pressure fluctuation from Shinkansen vehicles in open section Akutsu Mariko Uda Toki, Kitagawa Toshiki, Wakabayashi Yusuke Japan
711 15.06 Sound Quality Analysis of the High-speed train interior Acceleration Noise Liu Zongcai Sun Zhaojin, Guo Jianqiang, Ding Sansan China
712 15.06 Railway noise- affecting the Humans and Microbial Mahmood Asif Jinsheng Ma China
713 15.07 Determination of in-situ sound insulation for interior noise prediction in railway vehicles Jang Hyung Suk Kim Jaehwan, Kim Jonghwan , Kim Byunghee Korea, South
714 15.07 Sound transmission optimization for windows and its influence on interior noise of train in tunnel reverberation sound field Yao Dan Zhang Jie, Xiao Xinbiao, Sheng Xiaozhen China
715 15.07 Analysis of interior noise of metro vehicles in tunnel Feng Qingsong Zhou Hao, Chen Yanming, Zhang Ling, Luo Xinwei China
716 15.08 Optimization of the balancing weight and the rubber mount of air compressor for urban rapid transit Park Uyeup Lee Jun-Heon, Kim Kwanju Korea, South
717 15.08 Modelling railway noise emission from measured data according to European Directive 2015/996 Kirisits Christian Maly Thomas Austria
718 15.08 Study on Rail Fastener Failure Testing Based on Machine Learning ZHANG HUIJUAN LIU QIANG, KANG ZHONGXU, SONG RUIXIANG China
719 16.01 Experimental Assessment of Noise in Public Transportation System in the Metropolitan Region of São Paulo on Business Trips de Moura Luís Akutsu Maria, Aquilino Marcelo Brazil
720 16.02 Road traffic noise levels before and on Covid-19 Pandemic in Belo Horizonte City in Brazil Valadares Victor Metzker luiza , Rodrigues Marco Aurélio Brazil
721 16.02 Development of Passenger Car Noise Equivalent for Indian Road Traffic Condition Yadav Adarsh Parida manoranjan, Kumar Brind India
722 16.02 The influence of link characteristics on road traffic noise mapping by using Big Data Licitra Gaetano Moro Antonino, Teti Luca, Del Pizzo Alessandro, Bianco Francesco Italy
723 16.02 Microphone position relative to building façades for in situ measurements Montes González David Barrigón Morillas Juan Miguel, Rey Gozalo Guillermo , Atanasio Moraga Pedro , Godinho Luís Spain
724 16.02 Study on Road Traffic Noise Reduction Method in Apartment Kim Kyoung Min Park Young Min, Park Sung Yong, Kang Yeong-Sik, Park Won-Hyung, Choung Tae Ryaug, Chun Hyung-Joon Korea, South
725 16.02 Large-scale application of low-noise pavements and their integration in the planning, construction and maintenance process of road infrastructures Buehlmann Erik Saurer Tina, Milo Dejan Switzerland
726 16.02 Noise reduction effect comparison of porous asphalt pavement with different structural forms Li Jun Li Mingliang China
727 16.02 Comparing CRTN and CNOSSOS-EU calculation methods in the Irish context Faulkner Jon Murphy Enda, Rice Henry, Kennedy John Ireland
728 16.03 Low-weight CLDs for noise control of steel railway bridge components Denmark
729 16.04 SOPRANOISE: EU Research on new techniques to characterize Noise Barriers acoustic performances Clairbois Jean-Pierre Garai Massimo, Bartolomaeus Wolfran , Chudalla Michael, Strigari Fabio , Conter Marco , Fuchs Andreas , Nicodeme Christophe Belgium
730 17.01 Acoustic radiation from flexible cylindrical shell structure of a vibration isolation system Dai Lu Lao Xingsheng, Wu Jun China
731 17.01 Estimation of the force and the noise generated by the random impact on a thin plate Nagashima Yuya Ikeda Ikuma, Iwatsuki Nobuyuki Japan
732 17.01 The presence of Helmholtz resonance modulates the modes of circular membrane Toboonchuay Kajornpop Park Munhum Thailand
733 17.01 Dynamic and noise characteristics of the helical gear system by helix angles using the transfer matrix Park Chan IL Korea, South
734 17.01 Fantastic Vibroacoustic Resources and Where to Find Them Hambric Stephen United States
735 17.01 A low-noise bio-inspired piezoelectric MEMS directional microphone for noise monitoring Rahaman Ashiqur Kim Byungki Korea, South
736 17.01 Strongly coupled transient vibro-acoustic analysis using scaled boundary finite element method Pandey Avnish KV Nagendra Gopal India
737 17.01 Wave motion in preloaded media. Analytical continuation of dispersion diagram Korolkov Andrey Shanin Andrey Russian Federation
738 17.01 Asymptotical study of two-layered discrete waveguide with a weak coupling Korolkov Andrey Shanin Andrey , Kniazeva Kseniia Russian Federation
739 17.01 Dynamic correlation of diesel engine exhaust system containing rubber hose using component mode synthesis Yoon Taeyoung Korea, South
740 17.01 Waveguide for shortening the minimum detectable distance of a proximal ultrasonic sensor KIM Jin An Jae Hyuck, Heo In Jae, Lim Sung Gu Korea, South
741 17.01 Vibro-acoustic studies on Thanjavur Veena Borade Jagdish Padmanabhan Chandramouli India
742 17.01 Virtual experimental study on sound prediction in multiple connected spaces by surface coupling approach DU Liangfen Lau Siu-Kit , Lee Siew Eang, Pavić Goran Singapore
743 17.01 Determination of Acoustic Blocked Sources in a Ventilation Duct Chen Keyu Herrin David United States
744 17.01 An approach to weakening the nonlinearity of the quasi-zero-stiffness vibration isolator Chao Han China
745 17.01 Free vibration analysis of coupled conical-cylindrical shells based on the dynamic stiffness method tian linghua Jin Guoyong China
746 17.02 Flexural band gaps in periodic plates with 2D Acoustic black holes China
747 17.02 Study on energy propagation and noise radiation in plates containing the array of acoustic black holes Liu Xiandong Yuan Jiakai, Liang Haoming, Wang Zongnan China
748 17.02 Vibration damping of thin structures using surface-attached spiral acoustic black holes Park Seongmin Lee Jae Yeon , Jeon Wonju Korea, South
749 17.02 A new type of two-dimensional acoustic black hole-based vibration absorber Wang Ning Ji Hongli, Zhang Chao, Lu Yang, Qiu Jinhao, Cheng Li China
750 17.02 Thermally controlled subwavelength resonator for flexural waves based on the Acoustic Black Hole effect Raybaud Guillaume Pelat Adrien, Ouisse Morvan, Gautier François France
751 17.02 Broadband energy harvesting using periodic acoustic black holes in beams Song Ting ting Deng Jie, Zheng Ling China
752 17.02 Minimisation of the reflection coefficient in a beam using an active acoustic black hole Hook Kristian Cheer Jordan , Daley Stephen United Kingdom
753 17.02 On the potential of a functionally graded acoustic black hole using multi-material additive manufacturing Cheer Jordan United Kingdom
754 17.02 Research of broadband energy harvesting based on two-dimensional acoustic black hole yao gang Ji Hongli, Qiu Jinhao China
755 17.02 An Alternative Acoustic Black Hole Thickness Profile For Enhanced Structural Damping in a Plate CHENG Li MA Li Hong Kong (China)
756 17.02 Wave-based analysis on cut-on frequency of curvilinear acoustic black holes Lee Jae Yeon Jeon Wonju Korea, South
757 17.02 A Fully Coupled Electromechanical Model for a PZT-coated Acoustic Black Hole Beam ZHANG Linli CHENG Li Hong Kong (China)
758 17.03 Vibration reduction of the panel structures with different damping treatment Song Yubao Chen Shengbing, Wang Yong, Tang Daofeng, Zhang Hao China
759 17.03 Influence of structural parameters on acoustic performance of shell and tube heat exchanger HUANG Jing China
760 17.03 Limits on the use of electromagnetic shunt damper in control sound transmission through double-plate structures Mao Qibo Xie Ran , Hu Longxuan China
761 17.03 Analysis of the Effect of the Ship Vibration on the On-board Equipment Son Donghun Kim Joon, Ryu Guhyun Korea, South
762 17.03 Optimization and Evaluation of Acoustic Performance for a Floating Raft Vibration Isolation Structure Liu GuiXiang China
763 17.04 Analysis of noise emitted by an engine using an innovative 3D microphone positioning system Guidorzi Paolo Barbaresi Luca, Garai Massimo, Giovannucci Monica, Piazza Tommaso, Pesso Tommaso Italy
764 17.05 Elimination of bending wave reflection from the boundary of a panel speaker using an actuator array Lee Ki-Ho Ih Jeong-Guon Korea, South
765 17.06 Effects of higher-order wave modes on periodic array of circular Helmholtz resonators Campos Brenno Victor Goto Adriano, Dos Santos Jose Maria Brazil
766 17.06 Vibroacoustic characteristics of a damped box-type structure Nerse Can Wang Semyung Korea, South
767 17.06 Experimental validation of a hybrid FE-SEA-experimental model Clot-Razquin Arnau Meggitt Joshua W. R., Langley Robin S., Moorhouse Andy T., Elliott Andrew S. Spain
768 17.06 The Characteristics of Isolator FEA Model In Vibration Transfer Analysis wu wanjun China
769 17.06 Vibration analysis of beams with arbitrary boundary conditions wang Jiufa China
770 17.06 Isogeometric free vibration analysis of multi-directional functionally graded circular and annular plates with variable thickness Zhong Saifeng Jin Guoyong, Ye Tiangui China
771 17.06 An effective time domain numerical model for the prediction of ground-borne vibrations induced by pile driving Sofiste Tales Godinho Luís, Alves Costa Pedro, Soares Júnior Delfim Brazil
772 17.06 Numerical modelling of ground-borne noise and vibrations in buildings induced by pile driving Colaço Aires Alves Costa Pedro, Mont’Alverne Parente Cecília, Silva Cardoso António Portugal
773 17.06 Methods for improving the mid-frequency acoustic simulation of a lightly damped plate Kun János Treszkai Marcell, Turcsik Tamás, Dr. Feszty Dániel Hungary
774 17.06 A semi-analytic method for vibro-acoustic responses of functionally graded cylindrical shells Xie Kun Chen Meixia, Li Wencheng , Dong Wanjing China
775 17.07 The effect of geometrical variability on the sound absorption performance of meta-poro-elastic systems with small mass inclusions Ahsani Sepide Van Belle Lucas, Claeys Claus, Desmet Wim, Deckers Elke Belgium
776 17.07 Stochastic dynamic characteristics of a flexible rotor with rubbing fault Ma Xinxing Zhang Zhenguo , Duan Ningyuan, Hua Hongxing China
777 17.08 Qualitative and quantitative evaluation of the vibro-acoustic analysis of the tank in the mechanical system of the wagon Ziaran Stanislav Chlebo Ondrej, Uradnicek Juraj, Soos Lubomir, Macak Ladislav Slovakia
778 17.08 Transient processes in a thin elastic plate loaded with air Korolkov Andrey Mironov Mikhail, Shanin Andrey, Kniazeva Kseniia Russian Federation
779 17.08 Analysis of degradation behaviour of composite pressure vessels via modal analysis John Sebastian Germany
780 17.08 Application of CLD for Reduction of Structure-borne Noise in Electronic Enclosures Rall James Allaei Daryoush United States
781 17.08 Design of acoustic cavity test apparatus for validation of mid-frequency response of a plate-cavity system Kun János Turcsik Tamás, Dr. Feszty Dániel Hungary
782 17.08 Experimental study of targeted energy transfer inside 3d acoustic cavity coupled by a nonlinear membrane absorber Zeng Tao Shao Jianwang, Jin Chang, Wu Xian China
783 17.09 Research on controllability and observability of a damped plate’s complex modes Liu Jiang China
784 17.09 Laser Doppler vibrometry-based bending wave characterization of viscoelastic panel materials Miller Max Xiang Ning United States
785 17.10 Comparative study of transient forces as a source of structure-borne noise on two and four-wheeler drum brakes Yella Akash Sundar Sriram India
786 17.10 Estimation and study of drum brake noise using a comprehensive nonlinear vibroacoustic mode Ramesh Ananthapadmanabhan Sundar Sriram India
787 17.11 Evanescent modes in piezomagnetic phononic structures Miranda Jr. Edson Jansen Dos Santos José Maria Brazil
788 17.11 The attenuation performance of elastic waves in three-dimensional periodic lattice Li Jingru Xia Maolong, Zhang Yanbing China
789 17.11 Optimisation based design of a metamaterial foam core sandwich panel with in-core resonators de Melo Filho Noé Geraldo Clasing Villanueva Matias, Sangiuliano Luca, Claeys Claus, Deckers Elke, Desmet Wim Belgium
790 17.11 The modified Plane Wave Expansion method for membrane-type metamaterial equipped with piezoelectric material membrane Gao Cong Halim Dunant China
791 17.11 Elastic metamaterial with hexagonal prism inclusion for flexural vibration control of a thin plate structure Gao Cong Halim Dunant China
792 17.11 Torsion Vibration Band Gap Analysis of Fluid Filled Pipe Using Transfer Matrix Method Wu Jianghai Yin Zhiyong, Sun Yudong, Su Mingzhu China
793 17.11 Programmable piezo-metamaterial with digital circuits and its application in vibration isolation Yi Kaijun Matten Gael , Ouisse Morvan, Sadoulet-Reboul Emeline, Collet Manuel China
794 17.11 Coherent Super Decay by Membrane-type Tuned Mass Dampers Au-Yeung Ka Yan Yang Zhiyu Hong Kong (China)
795 18.01 Near-field Acoustic Holography analysis with Convolutional Neural Networks Pezzoli Mirco Olivieri Marco, Malvermi Raffaele, Antonacci Fabio, Sarti Augusto Italy
796 18.01 Vibrational modal shape interpolation through convolutional auto encoder Pezzoli Mirco Campagnoli Chiara , Antonacci Fabio, Sarti Augusto Italy
797 18.01 Audio-based multimedia event detection using convolutional neural networks Kim Sung Wook Lee Seungchul Korea, South
798 18.02 Frequency-driven Convolutional Neural Network for Enhancing Noise-Robustness of Bearing Fault Detection Lee Soo Young Hwang Yunseob , Lee Seungchul Korea, South
799 18.02 New Way of Detecting Vibration of Mechanical Systems by Explainable Deep Learning Huh Hyunsuk Lee Soo Young, Lee Seungchul, Jung Joon Ha, Sun Kyung Ho Korea, South
800 18.02 Fault Diagnostic of Drain Pump Based on AI SVM Park Sunhwa Shin Mijeong, ahn Byoungha Korea, South
801 18.03 Experimental force reconstruction using a neural network and simulated training data Dare Tyler United States
802 18.03 Compressed Air Leakage Detection Using Acoustic Emissions with Neural Networks Johnson David Kirner Jakob, Grollmisch Sascha, Liebetrau Judith Germany
803 18.03 Real-time Noise Detection and Notification for Indoor Acoustic Quality Optimization in a Naturally-Ventilated Facade Lee Jeehwan Lee Yugyung United States
804 18.03 Acoustic Source Localization for Single Point Source using Convolutional Neural Network and Weighted Frequency Band Loss Lee Soo Young Chang Jiho, Lee Seungchul Korea, South
805 18.04 Artificial intelligence (AI) speaker made of bio–inspired piezoelectric MEMS directional microphone for voice differentiation in a directional range of 0°–360° Rahaman Ashiqur Kim Byungki Korea, South
806 18.04 Attention-Based LSTM Network for Unknown Road Input Regression and Sensor Optimization for Vehicle Suspension Control Kim GyuWon Lee Seungchul Korea, South
807 18.04 An overview of deep learning in noise and vibration engineering Tama Bayu Adhi Lee Soo Young, Lee Seungchul Korea, South
808 18.04 Active Noise Control using Neural Network Lee Hakjun Park Youngjin Korea, South
809 18.06 Optimization of the Performance of Small Speaker Systems with Passive Radiators Nielsen Daniel Gert Lee Gyeong-Tae, Park Yong-Hwa, Jensen Jakob Søndergaard, Agerkvist Finn Thomas Denmark
810 18.06 Effect of Reverberation on Phonemes in Automatic Speech Recognition under Reverberant Environment Nam Hyeonuk Korea, South
811 18.06 Experimental validation of a locally resonant metamaterial plate Vazquez Torre Javier Brunskog Jonas, Cutanda Henriquez Vicente, Jung In-Jee , Ih Jeong-Guon Denmark
812 18.06 Optimum placement of resonators on a thin panel for the spectrally smooth sound radiation Jung Jaesoon Jeong Cheol-Ho, Jensen Jakob S. Denmark
813 18.06 Stochastic sensitivity analysis of a panel speaker structure with a locally resonant material Kim Jonghyun Jung Jaesoon, Lee Ikjin Korea, South
814 18.06 Human Auditory System Inspired Neural Network for Text-Independent Speaker Recognition Kim Seong-Hu Park Yong-Hwa Korea, South
815 18.06 Towards large-scale acoustic shape optimization for industrial applications using the Boundary Element Method Andersen Peter Risby Kook Junghwan, Cutanda Henríquez Vicente , Aage Niels Denmark
816 18.06 A numerical study of the effect of visco-thermal losses on an acoustic black hole Cutanda Henriquez Vicente Sánchez-Dehesa José Denmark
817 18.06 Method for estimating interaural time differences based on cochlea filter bank and EUZ auditory model in noisy environment Lee Gyeong-Tae Park Yong-Hwa Korea, South
818 18.06 Multiple target frequencies filtering by using phononic crystals with structural hierarchy Lee Ki Yong Korea, South
819 18.07 Determination of pneumonia symptoms through acoustic analysis of cough sound and machine learning Chung Youngbeen Jin Jie, Kim Sang-Heon , Lee Hyun, Jeon Jin Yong , Park Junhong Korea, South
820 18.07 Prediction of urinal flowrate by using urinary acoustic signals based on LSTM neural network Jin Jie Chung YoungBeen, Kim WanSeung, Jeon JinYong, Ho JeongGyu, Jo JungKi, Park JunHong Korea, South
821 18.07 Artificial Intelligence Approach for Detecting Pathological Voice Korea, South
822 18.07 Intraocular Pressure Estimation Method Based on Eye Vibration Responses Kim Deukha Chung Youngbeen, Park Junhong, Jeon Jin Yong, Lee Won June Korea, South
823 18.07 Development of fetal heart monitoring system Park Kwan Kyu Lee Chang Hoon, Jo Hyeong Geun, Hoh Geong-Kyu Korea, South
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