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1 01.03 Plate-type acoustic metamaterials: Parametric study of a double-leaf design for low-frequency noise control Ang Linus Yinn Leng Koh Yong Khiang Singapore
2 01.03 A study on interconnection-based metastructure for structural vibration suppression Kim Hyun-Guk Jeon Onyu, Wang Semyung Korea, South
3 01.04 Application of micro perforated panel in automotive vehicle noise refinement T Judson Rajkumar P Prasad, Medisetti Jaganmohan Rao India
4 01.04 Study on the Applicability of Prediction Models of the Micro-Expanded Metal Mesh (MEMM) Absorber Yeh Chiu-Yu Tsay Yaw-Shyan, Tseng Pin-Chieh, Lin Chuan-Hsuan Taiwan
5 01.05 Underwater sound absorption performance of functionally graded anechoic coating with periodic resonators Shi Kangkang Jin Guoyong, Ye Tiangui China
6 01.05 Numerical Investigation on the Impedance of a Slit-resonator with Grazing Flow Chen Chao Li Xiadong China
7 01.06 Dynamic mechanical analysis of FFF printed parts in ABSplus Bopp Manuel Behrendt Matthias Germany
8 01.07 On absorption coefficient measurements in a small reverberation room Lavrentjev Jüri Estonia
9 02.01 Current-saving sampling framework for the embedded implementation of positive position feedback Takács Gergely Mikuláš Erik, Vríčan Martin, Gulan Martin Slovakia
10 02.01 3-D Analysis Platform Design And Development Of Ship Shafting yunfei Hu Guan Wang, Lingkuan Xuan, Xingjun Yuan China
11 02.01 High-fidelity vibration rendering on a haptic surface via optimization of actuator input Park Sangwon Kim Dongjoon, Kim Wheejae, Park No-Cheol Korea, South
12 02.03 A time-domain delay-free rescaling block filtered-x LMS algorithm with output constraint for sinusoidal reference signals Luo Lei Zhu Wenzhao China
13 02.04 Structural Noise Prediction and Optimization for a Marine Diesel Engine Hu Lei Yu Yonghua, Yang Jianguo China
14 02.05 A new approach for an induced coagulation of particulate matter through thermo-acoustic agglomeration Lai S.K. Zhang Y.T., Yu Jerry C.W., Li Y. Hong Kong (China)
15 03.01 Correlation and Analysis of trailing-edge noise Sicong Liang Chen Wangqiao , Zhou Teng, Huang Xun China
16 03.04 Experimental investigation of the landing gear noise in large-scale configurations Zhao Kun Zhang Rongping, Liang Yong, Kopiev Victor, Belyaev Ivan China
17 03.06 Numerical Studies of Nonlinear Self-sustained Thermoacoustic Instability in a Swirling Combustor ZHAO Dan Sun Yuze New Zealand
18 04.01 Empirical models for artificial and natural rainfall to assess rain noise inside buildings and cars Hopkins Carl Yu Yicheng United Kingdom
19 04.01 Research on high-rise residential building design based on sound environment optimization Cheng Yumeng China
20 04.01 Acoustic integration in BIM models Lorenzo del Moral Angela Spain
21 04.02 Measurement of absorption coefficients to ISO354 using tall sources and microphones Dance Stephen Shearer Doug United Kingdom
22 04.06 The imaginary part of the diffuse field forced normalized radiation impedance of a rectangular panel Davy John Australia
23 04.08 Ambient noise inside airport terminals: a detailed survey of the background noise at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol van Wijngaarden Sander Atsma Remco Netherlands
24 04.08 The effect of binaural recording devices on speech intelligibility evaluation in rooms Peng Jianxin Yao Yuhe , Zhu Jiecheng, Wang Jue, Mei Yongchang , Tan Jingyu , Guo Yuying China
25 04.09 Quantitative and qualitative assessment of classrooms acoustically designed by students from a Brazilian higher education institution Barretto Debora Nascimento Cristhian, Paim Felipe Brazil
26 05.04 Investigation of a smart noise barrier for dual active and passive control of construction noise Zhang Yiting Lai Siu-Kai, Wang Jiamei, Leu Shao-Yuan, Sun Jian-Qiao China
27 05.04 Cymatics as a Tool for Noise Reduction in an Urban External Environment Vasdev Eishita Sanghani Himanshu India
28 06.01 Structural vibration analysis of multiple beams in the viscous fluid by using spectral element method Yang Wonseok Korea, South
29 06.01 Aeroelastic analysis of airfoils at proximity with structural coupling Han Jae-Hung Dhital Kailash Korea, South
30 06.01 Research on Flow Noise of Underwater Vehicle Miao Tiancheng China
31 06.02 An Experimental Investigation on the Noise Reduction of a Linear Cascade with Serrated Trailing-edge based on Linear Microphone Array Measurements Qiao Weiyang Xiang Kangshen , Ji Liang, Li Lin, Mao Luqin China
32 06.02 Bionic streamwise perforation of aft rotor blade leading-edge for noise reduction of a contra-rotating fan Wang Chen Dong Bin China
33 06.03 Finite element method for calculating the transmission loss of mufflers based on duct acoustic modes Fan Yiliang Ji Zhenlin China
34 06.03 Vibroacoustic modeling of elastic plates excited by turbulent boundary layer song xiaoji Jin Guoyong, Ye Tiangui China
35 06.04 Influence of arc-shaped inner angles on vortex-acoustic coupling flow in coaxial side-branches Ma Hongyu Wang Peng China
36 06.05 Psychoacoustic optimisation of aircraft noise – challenges and limits Dreier Christian Vorländer Michael Germany
37 07.01 Numerical modelling assessment of radiated sound power by acoustic radiation efficiency parameter. Kozupa Michal Matys Magdalena Poland
38 07.02 Analysis on the influence of airfoil structure support form on underwater vibration performance XU XINTONG China
39 07.04 Contribution of Individual Windings to Overall Load-Controlled Noise and Vibrations of Power Transformers using Coupled Multiphysics FEM-BEM Simulations Bosnjak Bruno Nowak Dariusz, Michalowski Sever , Sitar Robert, Ahn Chang Hoon Switzerland
40 08.05 Room acoustics in dementia care affect staff and patients. Beldam Mai-Britt Sweden
41 09.02 Objective evaluation of noise in electric vehicles during acceleration based on psychoacoustics Qian Kun Hou Zhichao, Wu Peibao, Rongkang Luo, Kunying Kuang China
42 09.02 Evaluation of subjective impressions of footstep noise from combinations of high-heeled shoes and flooring materials Kim Ki-Hong Japan
43 09.04 Evaluation of generic filters for reduced front-back confusion rates Kroener Lorenz Langrenne Christophe, Garcia Alexandre, Zimpfer Véronique France
44 10.06 Sound Quality of Dishwashers Atamer Serkan Altinsoy M. Ercan Germany
45 11.03 A comparative study on soundscapes in real and virtual open offıce environments. YILMAZER Semiha Şahin Zekiye Turkey
46 11.03 A quantitave approach to investigate hospital soundscape: The case of Bilkent Integrated Health Campus YILMAZER Semiha Dalirnaghadeh Donya Turkey
47 11.04 Mapping the Tourism Transportation Noise Exposure To Natural Quiet and predicting potential effects on the threatened Black-Necked Cranes in Dashanbao Protected Areas XU XIAOQING Kong Dejun China
48 11.05 Study on place making in a historical block: a soundscape perception approach Liu Jiang Yang Ling China
49 11.10 Five questions on the indoor soundscape approach for restorative buildings Torresin Simone Albatici Rossano, Aletta Francesco, Babich Francesco, Bourdeau Ethan , Harvie-Clark Jack, Kang Jian, Lavia Lisa, Radicchi Antonella Italy
50 12.01 Bolt Looseness Damage Detection Using EMI Method Under Temperature Changing Condition Zhan Yanglei Wang Guan, Yuan Xingjun, Xuan Lingkuan , Wu Wuhui China
51 12.02 Application of extended-resolution imaging method: droplet imaging Chen Wangqiao Huang Xun China
52 12.02 Random behavior makes the turbulence noise of propeller lose the characteristics of harmonic. Yang Zudi Chen Wangqiao, Huang Xun China
53 12.02 A novel DOA estimation method for a far-filed narrow-band point source via the conventional beamforme Yao Shuai Xu Yanan, Fang Shiliang, Wang Xiaoyan, Yu Wenhui China
54 12.05 Numerical simulation analysis of bubble and ice coupling based on AUTODYN Feng Baiqiang Shi Dongyan, Xing Chengcheng China
55 12.05 Dynamic Topology Optimization Research of Stiffened Plate Structures Based on the BESO Method 韩 月东 滕 晓艳, 江 旭东 China
56 12.05 Research on Dynamic Stiffness Topology Optimization Based on Equivalent Static Load liu nan teng xiaoyan, jiang xudong China
57 12.06 Coupler tracking algorithm for a wheeled train uncoupling robot based on gaussian particle filter combined with improved particle swarm optimization Liu Fengqi Yao Jianjun, Sheng Tang, Yu Jie, Zhao Yue China
58 12.06 An underwater wideband signal DOA estimation method based on common frequency domain sparse dictionary He Daqian Wang Congying, Peng Xirui, Miao Tiancheng China
59 12.08 Spatial hearing and virtual auditory display (keynote speakers) Xie Bosun Vigeant Michelle C China
60 13.06 Study on matching design of piping system and vibration isolation coupling system Lei Zhiyang Shen Du, Wang Hao China
61 13.06 The Influence of Stator Parameters on Unsteady Flow Characteristics and Unsteady Forces of a Ducted Propeller with Pre-swirl Stators Yu Hai-ting Duan Ning-yuan, Hua Hong-xing China
62 13.06 Numerical Investigation of The Submarine Sail With Different Aspect Ratio For Acoustic Target Strength Reduction Sun Yangbin China
63 13.06 The research on targeted regulation technology of floating-raft isolation system performance Li Shang Liu Yan China
64 13.08 Study of the sound escape with the use of noise mitigation systems in offshore pile driving Peng Yaxi Tsouvalas Apostolos, Metrikine Andrei Netherlands
65 13.09 Accurate Carrier Frequency Estimation of Phase Coded Signals Using Frequency Shifting and Measurement of Spectrum Leakage in Fourier Interpolation Algorithms Wei yangjie Fang shiliang, Wang xiaoyan, Zhu chuanqi China
66 13.09 Automatic Modulation Classification of MPSK/MFSK Signals based on Spectral Correlation and Convolutional Neural Network Wei yangjie Fang shiliang, Wang xiaoyan, Zhu chuanqi China
67 14.01 A Case Study on Road Noise Sound Characteristic Identification and Improvement in a Sedan Based on Binaural Transfer Path Analysis Dong JianXin Wu Lie, Zhuang HuiMin, Kong ChuanXu, Ma Chao China
68 14.01 Stochastic Simulation Methodology – Accounting Variability Of Key Parameters Affecting Squeak And Rattle Performance PARMAR AZAN B R CHANDAN RAVI, MUNGARA HARI KRISHNA India
69 14.02 Challenges in NVH refinement of a pure electric passenger vehicle P Prasad I Nagasuresh, T Judson Rajkumar, M Jaganmohan Rao India
70 14.04 Vibration Prediction of A Structure after Stiffening Tao Jinsheng Singapore
71 14.06 Refinement of low frequency noise and vibration in a sleeper coach S Krishnamoorthy P Prasad, R Karalmarx , Medisetti Jaganmohan Rao India
72 14.06 Driveline optimization to reduce the noise and vibration in 4X4 commercial vehicle P Jebasingh I Nagasuresh, Medisetti Jaganmohan Rao India
73 14.06 Characterization of rattle noise from an electric power steering system Sato Yoshihiro Iwatsuki Nobuyuki Japan
74 16.01 Experimental assessment of noise in the public transport system in the metropolitan region of São Paulo on business trips de Moura Luís Akutsu Maria, Aquilino Marcelo Brazil
75 16.03 Low-weight CLDs for noise control of steel railway bridge components Denmark
76 17.01 Wave motion in preloaded media. Analytical continuation of dispersion diagram Korolkov Andrey Shanin Andrey Russian Federation
77 17.01 Asymptotical study of two-layered discrete waveguide with a weak coupling Korolkov Andrey Shanin Andrey , Kniazeva Kseniia Russian Federation
78 17.02 Damping measures of plates with embedded Acoustic Black Holes CONLON STEPHEN United States
79 17.06 The Characteristics of Isolator FEA Model In Vibration Transfer Analysis wu wanjun China
80 17.06 Vibration analysis of beams with arbitrary boundary conditions wang Jiufa China
81 17.06 Isogeometric free vibration analysis of multi-directional functionally graded circular and annular plates with variable thickness Zhong Saifeng Jin Guoyong, Ye Tiangui China
82 17.08 Transient processes in a thin elastic plate loaded with air Korolkov Andrey Mironov Mikhail, Shanin Andrey, Kniazeva Kseniia Russian Federation
83 17.11 Torsion Vibration Band Gap Analysis of Fluid Filled Pipe Using Transfer Matrix Method Wu Jianghai Yin Zhiyong, Sun Yudong, Su Mingzhu China
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